Lorna Macdonald Nash and her family

At the end of my recent post about Geoffrey Stewart Fleetwood Nash, I remarked that it would be interesting to see whether the post would get picked up by anyone researching this family. I ended up getting contacted by Chenda Wakefield. Her grandmother was Geoffrey’s sister. We didn’t manage to work out how my great great aunt Agnes might of known him though. What I was able to point out from the inclusions in her scrapbook was that Agnes not only knew Geoffrey, but also his siblings Lorna, Leslie and Eugene. Continue reading “Lorna Macdonald Nash and her family”

The Hey, Throwleigh, Okehampton, Devon

Further to my The Homes of Agnes Foxpost, my mother emailed me to say that Agnes had ended up in a cottage at Throwleigh on Dartmoor.  She’d been there with my father and his father Claude, after Agnes died. Seems like Agnes left everything to the Vicar, although fortunately not her scrapbook because I found the above photo in it which I’m guessing is the cottage in Throwleigh. Continue reading “The Hey, Throwleigh, Okehampton, Devon”

Dorothy Shuttleworth ‘The Belle of Bombay’

I’ve been trying to find out more about the Shuttleworth family included in my great great aunt Agnes’ scrapbook. The don’t appear in any of the sites like The Peerage, which include the kind of families that you find in Debretts, etc. So it was really useful to have found a catalogue entry I mentioned in my post about Emmie St John Graham. Dorothy Shuttleworth above is Emmie’s sister. Born in 1884, she was also the daughter of Allen Thornton Shuttleworth of the Indian Forestry Commission and Laura Beetham. Continue reading “Dorothy Shuttleworth ‘The Belle of Bombay’”

The Homes of Agnes Fox

My great great aunt Agnes Fox’s scrapbook includes a whole host of photographs of their family home, Coombe Springs in Kingston upon Thames. My great great grandfather Alfred Octavius Kirby was living in Coombe Neville on Kingston Hill around 1900. I wonder if this close proximity had anything to do with my grandfather Claude marrying Agnes’ niece Rosemary Wright. Continue reading “The Homes of Agnes Fox”

Royal Garden Party 1919

Finally found a photograph of my great great aunt Agnes Selina Fox and her parents Sir Douglas and Mary Fox, taken either before or after they attended the Royal Garden Party in 1919. It was obviously a big occasion for them as Agnes has two pages of clippings and the invitation in her scrapbook. I’ve added the invitation below and may get round to the clippings at some point, but it was great to finally see a picture of Agnes. Continue reading “Royal Garden Party 1919”

Sir Francis Fox and Family Revisited

Sir Francis Fox 1844-1927

I’ve made another post on The Peerage Forum, this time it’s for my great great great uncle Sir Francis Fox. According to the Wiki he married twice, first in 1869 to Selena Wright who died in 1900, he then married Agnes Horne in 1901. They also say he had a son and three daughters from his first marriage. This may have been true at the time of his death, but I think there may have been 2 sons and 3 daughters: Continue reading “Sir Francis Fox and Family Revisited”

Alice Davies

I think the Alice Davies who features in my great great aunt Agnes’ scrapbook is the daughter of Mary Ellen Davies mentioned in my previous post. If so then she was played by Tamzin Merchant in the 2009 film Princess Kaiulani.

She reacheth forth her hands to the needy … … in her tongue is the law of kindness. (Prov. 31.20 126)

So circled lives she with Love’s holy light, That from the shade of self she walketh free. (Lowell)

Continue reading “Alice Davies”

Mary Ellen Davies

The jigsaw of great great aunt Agnes’ scrapbook is starting to make sense. Mary Ellen Davies is the mother of Harry Llanover Davies who died in WWI and was mentioned earlier here. She was the wife of Theophilus Harris Davies (1833–1898) who was the guardian of Princess Kaʻiulani while she traveled to Europe and the United States (see my post here). She was the mother of Clive Davies who may have been engaged to Princess Kaʻiulani, or at least she was in love with him. Clive actually married Edith Marion Fox, who was the daughter of my great great great uncle Sir Francis Fox. Continue reading “Mary Ellen Davies”