Dorothy Shuttleworth ‘The Belle of Bombay’

I’ve been trying to find out more about the Shuttleworth family included in my great great aunt Agnes’ scrapbook. The don’t appear in any of the sites like The Peerage, which include the kind of families that you find in Debretts, etc. So it was really useful to have found a catalogue entry I mentioned in my post about Emmie St John Graham. Dorothy Shuttleworth above is Emmie’s sister. Born in 1884, she was also the daughter of Allen Thornton Shuttleworth of the Indian Forestry Commission and Laura Beetham. There’s a portrait of Dorothy (Mrs Archie Graham) painted by the famous Hungarian artist Philip de Lászlo (1869-1937). In the portraint she wears a Victorian diamond brooch which was sold not long ago, which contained some note about here. Dorothy was renowned for her great beauty as a young women in India, and was known by her peers as “The Belle of Bombay”. She married Archie Graham in In 1910. He was director of John Graham & Co, dealers in jute and other raw materials from the Indian subcontinent, and they lived in Airthrey Castle and London. In 1919, Dorothy returned to India for a couple of years with her husband where their third daughter was born, before returning to London.

Dorothy’s entry in Agnes’ scrapbook is from The Ridge, Matalan Hill, Bombay, Dec 13th 1907. Agnes had been traveling on the RMS Arabia, which was torpedoed in 1916. I can’t find the source for her quotes so I guess they were her own:

Whatever you are be that
Whatever you say be true
Straight forwadly act, be honest
In fact, be nobody else buy you

When the shining sun is setting
When from ears your thoughts are free
Then of absent friends you’re thinking
Won’t you sometimes think of me.


3 thoughts on “Dorothy Shuttleworth ‘The Belle of Bombay’

  1. Very interested to read this, Dorothy shuttleworth is buried at Loge in Stirling where we have recently renovated the Old Kirk see www.
    Christina Graham and myself are trustees of the group and are currently working on a history of the Graham family at Airthrey

    1. Eleanor … I have some more Shuttleworth family photos. I’ll add them in a few weeks. I just have a few deadlines right now.


  2. Hi, I’m not sure if you will see this but I recently stumbled across Allen Thornton Shuttleworth and have heard he was something of a hero, and wondered for no reason other than my own curiosity, if you had any more information about him? Thank you and I understand if you want to decline xx

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