Sicilian Connection Update

Roger I of Sicily at the battle of Cerami

Further to my last post cousin Hamish has pointed out that I have got the above slightly wrong having checked this out at GENEALOGY.EU  by Miroslav Marek, which only goes to prove that using an iPhone has major limitations. He’s added this to the family tree here. I used the Wiki links instead but the Sicilian link does start with Roger I Count of Sicily (1031-1101). I’m descended via his son Roger II, Count, later King, of Sicily (1095-1154) through Roger I’s 3rd and last wife Adelaide del Vasto. This seems to be different from the information my cousin Hamish has, which I’m guessing is from Miroslav Marek’s GENEALOGY.EU site. He has Roger II’s mother down as Eremberga d’Evreux. This is strange as according to the Wki Roger I’s first wife was Judith, daughter of William, Count of Évreux and Hawisa of Échauffour. His second was Eremburga of Mortain, daughter of “William, Count of Mortain” (probably William Warlenc). Therefore Eremberga d’Evreux seems to be a name made up from Roger I’s first wife Judith d’Evreux and his second wife Eremburga of Mortain. Continue reading “Sicilian Connection Update”

The Sicilian Connection

Well, here I am on holiday in Sicily watching Etna flare up and wondering if I have any connections with the place. As it turns out, my ancestors were the Norman Kings of Sicily. The Kingdom was founded by Roger II of Sicily. The state was founded in 1071 by his father Roger I, the last great leader of the Norman conquest of Southern Italy whose conquest of Sicily ended the Saracen rule. Roger II’s daughter Constance was the mother of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II (above). Continue reading “The Sicilian Connection”