The Sicilian Connection

Well, here I am on holiday in Sicily watching Etna flare up and wondering if I have any connections with the place. As it turns out, my ancestors were the Norman Kings of Sicily. The Kingdom was founded by Roger II of Sicily. The state was founded in 1071 by his father Roger I, the last great leader of the Norman conquest of Southern Italy whose conquest of Sicily ended the Saracen rule. Roger II’s daughter Constance was the mother of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II (above). His daughter Elizabeth of Sicily (1309-1349) is my closest Sicilian ancestor and I think something like 23 generations back, which makes me something like 0.00001% Sicilian although my maths is not up to much. I’d like to pretend that my daughter is named after this Elizabeth, but she’s actually named after my wife’s mother (Buffy) and grandmother (Betty). Anyway, Elizabeth of Sicily married Stefan II Herzog von Bayern-Ingolstadt. Their son Friedrich II Herzog von Bayern-Landshut (Frederick, Duke of Bavaria) married Maddalena Visconti, daughter of Bernabò Visconti, Duca di Milano and Regina Beatrice della Scala. Their daughter was Elisabeth Prinzessin von Bayern-Landshut. She married Friedrich V Markgraf von Brandenburg. Their son was John, Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach also known as Johann der Alchimist. He married Barbara of Saxe-Wittenberg. Their daughter Dorothea of Brandenburg (1430/31-1495) was the consort of Christopher of Bavaria and Christian I of Denmark. Their daughter Margaret of Denmark, Queen of Scotland, married King James III of Scotland. I’ll probably have to check this all when I get home because using an iPhone for research and then posting on WordPress has limitations. Anyway, you can see the 17/18 generations from James IV to myself here.


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