The Wright Family

Rosemary Louise Fitzherbert Wright (1905-1972)
Rosemary Louise Fitzherbert Wright (1905-1975)

Rosemary Louise Fitzherbert Wright was my grandmother. I’ve only skimmed the surface of my Wright family ancestors. They can be traced back at least to John Wright alias Camplyon of Stowmarket who made his will in 1557, although according to the Wikipedia entry for Fergie’s mum wills and deeds show the family holding land in Suffolk and Norfolk at least a century earlier. His son, John Wright, a captain in Colonel Whalley’s Regiment of Horse, was imprisoned in Newark Castle for his attachment to the Parliamentary cause, but later acquired estates in Nottinghamshire and Suffolk. Captain Wright’s grandson, Ichabod, was a banker who owned estates in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, and established Wright’s Bank with two of his sons. His great-grandson, Samuel Wright of Gunthorpe, married a daughter of Lord Coventry. Samuel’s brother John of Langar and Lenton Hall was a banker and principal proprietor of the Butterley Company. His granddaughter became the wife of the Earl of Buckinghamshire. John Wright’s son, Francis, married Selina, daughter of Sir Henry FitzHerbert, 3rd Baronet (1783-1858) of Tissington Hall, Derbyshire and was a noted philanthropist; he was my great great great grandfather.

I’d like to plan a fantasy weekend break to the midlands some time. The Galton Papers are in The National Archives in Birmingham and contain a draft account of the life of  Archibald Douglas, the privateer and possible pirate (see more here). He is the ancestor of Rosemary’s mother Lucy Adeline Fox who is the common ancestor of my Squarey cousins who have been in touch recently. I’ve only a found a few Wright and Fitzherbert homes to visit so far, including Yeldesley Hall where Rosemary and her sister Veronica lived, and were possibly born (see here).

Yeldersley Hall

There might have been Staunton Grange where Rosemary’s parent were living at the turn of the last century, but having looked on Google Maps it seems like it’s been turned into a factory. I found a great photograph on Geograph of the gates though:

Staunton Hall Gate

Sadly Ostmaston Manor that my great great great grandfather Francis Wright built was demolished in 1964. The Wikipedia has this photograph below of the Winter Garden just before demolition:

Winter Garden at Osmaston just before demolition

The grounds of Osmaston Manor are now a 3,000 acre private park. I think there are brass statues of Francis Wright and Selina Fitzherbert’s children in the grounds that would include my great great grandfather FitzHerbert Wright if they still exist. It would be great to visit these if I could get permission. I’ve dropped them a line, so fingers crossed.

There’s also Tissington Hall that was the home Selina Fitzherbert’s family. I found the photograph below in the scrapbook of my great great aunt Agnes Selina Fox:

Tissington Hall

Apparently, they do tea at Tissington Hall and the village of Tissington looks picturesque, so I could imagine a weekend trip to this part of the world.

There’s also Lenton Hall. It was home of John Wright, and then Francis Wright before he built Osmaton Manor. However, it’s now a halls of residence at Nottingham University, so it’s not top of my list:

Lenton Hall, home of John Wright and his son Francis

I haven’t done a very good job of discovering the local industrial heritage of the wright family, but I do I might include some of these locations on my trip. More soon…


I’ve just found the Middleton Top Winding Engine, it’s he last survivor of nine such engines built by the Butterly Company for the Cromford and High Peak Railway company in 1829. The trackbed of the Cromford and High Peak Railway now forms a hiking and cycling trail known as The High Peak Trail, so maybe we could take the bikes.

middleton top winding station
Middleton Top Winding Station


11 thoughts on “The Wright Family

  1. This is all very fascinating, Justin. What a lot of fun this must be, discovering all these notes. Hard work, I’ll bet, too. Your grandmother was absolutely beautiful, on her wedding day {I.m assuming?} cheers, Selina

    1. Selina, I think it’s slightly before her wedding. I’m pretty certain it was when she would have been presented at court as a debuntante at the beginning of the ‘season’. Claude and Rosemary were married in 1925, when Rosemary was 19. I’m guessing this would have been taken the year before that. I have a photograph of Lucy her mother from the same time that I’ll upload.

  2. Hello Justin, I was fascinated to find your blog when browsing for references to my Great Great GrandfatherFrancis Beresford Wright. I am Rupert FitzHerbert Elverson of the Nora Wright line from Wootton Court in Leek Wootton. If you feel like being in touch I may be able to point you to some family history. My email is

    Best regards Rupert

    1. Hello Rupert – Just to let you know that we have formed a History Group in Osmaston with the intention of writing a book on The Story of Osmaston & the Wrights and Walker Okeovers. We have Charles Wright coming to the Village Church on 1st October at 7.00pm. to do a talk on the Wrights & Osmaston. If you would like to come please let me know.
      Maggie Silcock
      01335 343980

  3. Hello there, I am Philippa Wright, daughter of Guy Fitzherbert Wright. My father lived at Ednaston Lodge for the early part of his life.

    1. Philippa, great to hear from you and think we share the same great great grandparents: Fitzherbert Wright and Louise Charlotte Rudolphine von Beckmann. My brother has a painting of ‘Charlotte’ with our great grandfather (we think).


      1. Hi Justin
        Just over a year ago we formed a History Group in the village of Osmaston with the intention of issuing a book on the Story of Osmaston, the Wrights and Walker Okeover’s. We have Charles Wright coming on 1st October to talk about Osmaston and the Wright family in St Martins Church which Francis Wright built. If you are interested in joining us please let me know. We would be delighted to see you
        Maggie Silcock

    2. Hello Phillipa Wright I worship at St. John’s church in Carrington which as you will know was built by your ancestor Ichabod Wright. Whilst I have a fair idea where he and Harriett Wright are buried in the church there is nothing to indicate their vault which is a shame as he was such a prominent person in the area. I am wondering if you have any family archive regarding the Wright years around the time the church was built (1843) Harriett was the first person to be buried in the church but unfortunately did not live to see it completed.

  4. Hello Justin can you tell me anything about the Wright family portraits? I’m specially interested in the one of John Wright banker of Nottingham (born 1723). Happy to explain why / tell you what I think.
    Edward Beaumont

    1. Edward, thanks for comments, but I don’t know much more about painting than I post on here. To be honest this blog is more of a scrapbook, so it’s fun to find these bits and bobs on the web, but that’s about extent of my interest.



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