The digital portrait collection

The Wedding of Giles Simon Kirby and Angela Mary Julie Birtwistle 1952

This post is a version of my Genealogical dead ends revisted post, but it’s about the photograps and illustrations I’ve found of my ancestors rather than just their names. I’ll do one about places sometime, and also about biographies, etc. I have set up a photostream on FlickR so you can see all the images in a slideshow, and I will link to the individual photos from the names of ancestors I have identified below. 

It’s worth bearing in mind that ancestry is a geometric progression, i.e. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc. I’ve only included the ancestors I’ve identified up my 9 x Great Grandparents for this catalogue. I’ve identified many generations further back, but the generations in this catalogue alone represent a possible 4,112 people. There are actually fewer because some ancestors married their cousins, and therefore have common ancestors, but I haven’t done badly considering how many there are to identify. It’s actually been a collaborative efforts with help from cousins, such as Hamish.

I’ve included a selection of images in this post, but there will be additional images in the photostream that haven’t been linked to the names below. This project is still work in progress so I will continue to update this post and the photostream.

Paternal: Alfred Reginald Claude Kirby, ‘Gentleman’ (Ceylon) & Rosemary Louise Fitzherbert Wright (Derbyshire)

Claude and Rosemary wedding
Wedding of Alfred Reginald Claude Kirby & Rosemary Louise Wright 1925

There are loads of photographs of Claude and Rosemary but I have included two of my favourites. I would also like to get a better one of the wedding above as it has been cropped.

Wedding of James Astley Birtwistle & Mary Muriel Marwood 1915

Maternal: James Astley Birtwistle, Cotton Mill Owner, & Mary Muriel Marwood (Lancashire)

There are also loads of photographs of James Astley Birtwistle (Nebby) and Mary Muriel Marwood (Mue), the two I’ve linked to are my favourites but they are not very good quality so I need to get better scans.

Paternal: George Henry Kirby, Planter, Soldier & Civil Servant (London) & Alice Marie (Elsie) Maitland (poss. Ceylon) | Ernest Beresford FitzHerbert Wright, Director of Butterley Company (Derbyshire) & Lucy Adeline Fox (London)

Elsie Maitland & George Kirby's Wedding 1899

I think the only two photographs of George Henry Kirby that exist are in the two Kirby wedding photographs above. There’s a number of Ernest Beresford FitzHerbert Wright that I will add to the photostream soon. There are a also couple of portraits of Ernest by Lafayette in the National Portrait gallery that would be interesting to see.

Maternal: Albert Birtwistle, Cotton Mill Owner & Annie Mary Hartley (Lancashire) | Frederick Thomas Marwood, Cork Factory Owner, & Mary Agnes (Polly) Walker (Lancashire)

I don’t think there are any photographs of portraits of previous Birtwistle Generations, but I have albums and albums of Birtwistle family photos and I will create a separate photostream for these at some point.

Paternal: Alfred Octavius Kirby, Solicitor (London) & Alice Baxendale (Hertford) | George Keith Maitland, Tea Planter in Ceylon (Edinburgh) & Christine Mary Theresa Macdonell, of Keppoch (Inverness-shire) | FitzHerbert Wright, Landowner and Director of Butterley Company (Derbyshire) & Charlotte Rudolphine Louise von Beckman (poss. Mecklenburg-Schwerin) | Sir Charles ‘Douglas’ Fox, Civil Engineer (Staffordshire) & Mary Wright (Nottinghamshire)

The portrait I have of Fitzherbert Wright isn’t fantastic quality, but I found a record and Engraving of FitzHerbert Wright (1841-1910) Director (1881-1910) in the Derbyshire Record Office Online Catalogue.

Alfred Octavius Kirby (1843-1919)

I don’t have a particularly good copy of the photo of Alfred Octavius, but it’s the oldest image we have of a Kirby ancestor that we can identify, and it represents the start of my search for more information on our ancestors. I have two miniatures of Kirby ancestors, but we haven’t identified the sitters, and I doubt we ever will.

Christina Mary ‘Theresa’ Macdonell of Keppoch (1845-1932)

This photograph above of my great great grandmother was kindly sent to me along with many others by my relative Charles Daniel. He’s the grandson of my father’s much loved great great uncle Angus Maitland, and it represents one of the reason I keep this blog going.

Charlotte Rudolphine Louise von Beckman and Child

I have also included this portrait of my great great grandmother Charlotte Rudolphine Louise von Beckman. She was from Sternberg, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, and is our first European ancestor. The child is possibly Henry Fitzherbert Wright, the grandfather of the Duchess of York. However, it’s more likely to be Ernest Beresford FitzHerbert Wright my great grandfather, as it was in possession of his son Ernest ‘Francis’ Fitzherbert Wright.

Maternal: William Birtwistle, Cotton Mill Owner, & Rachell Holland (Lancashire) | Unknown & Priscilla Hartley (Lancashire) | Edward Marwood, Cork cutter, & Mary E McKenna (Lancashire) | James Walker, Builder, & Mary Hannah Smith (Lancashire)

Mary Georgina Walker, her mother Mary Hannah Smith and grandmother

This is another one of my favourite images. It’s the earliest image we have of my mother’s maternal ancestors that was very kindly sent to me by my relative Steve Robinson who has been a constant source of family history on this side of my Lancastrian ancestry.

Paternal: George Goldsmith Kirby, Conveyancer and Assurance Agent (London) & Harriet Sarah Watts (Essex) | Lloyd Baxendale, Transporter (Lancashire) & Ellen Turner (Cheshire) | George Ramsay Maitland, W.S. Solicitor, (Edinburgh) & Alice Anne Nisbet (India) | Angus MacDonell, of Keppoch, Farmer (Argyllshire) & Christina MacNab (Inverness-shire) | Francis Wright, Banker and Industrialist  (Nottinghamshire) & Selina FitzHerbert (Derbyshire) | Ernst Christopher Frederich von Beckman, Clergyman, & Magdalena Wilhelmine Louise Brockmann (Mecklenburg-Schwerin) | Sir Charles James Fox, Civil Engineer, & Mary Brookhouse (Derbyshire)

Early calotype of George Ramsay Maitland (1821-1866)

This early calotype of my great great great grandfather is just one of my many finds during my long hours of searching the web. It’s likely to be the earliest photographic image of any of my ancestors.

Maternal: David Birtwistle, Farmer and Calico Printer, & Letty Hayes (Lancashire) | Thomas Holland, Grocer & Unknown (Lancashire) | Ralph Hartley, Inn Keeper & Ann Cunliffe (Lancashire) | Andrew Edward Marwood, Weaver, & Elizabeth Thomas (Lancashire) | Patrick McKenna, Umbrella Maker & Unknown (Lancashire?) | (Lancashire) | John Walker, Husbandman, & Margaret Parkinson | Henry Smith, Waste dealer, & Mary [Unknown] (Lancashire)

I think this is far as I will get with images of my mother’s ancestors, unless someone else gets in touch via this blog.

Paternal: George Kirby (poss. London) & Unknown (poss. Mary Ann Witch) | Joseph Watts & Hannah [Unknown] (Essex) | Joseph Baxendale, Transporter & Magistrate, & Mary Birley (Lancashire) | Rev. Joseph Turner,  Clergyman, and Ellen [Unkown] (Lancashire) | Alexander Maitland, Advocate at Scottish bar, & Susan Ramsay (Edinburgh) | Josiah Nisbet, HEICCS, Madras Civil Service, & Rachel Marjoribanks (Edinburgh) | Donald Macdonell, farmer (Inverness-shire) & Anne MacDonald (Sutherlandshire) | John MacNab, farmer? (Argyllshire or Inverness-shire) & Jessie Macdonald | John Wright, Banker & Industrialist, & Elizabeth Beresford (Nottinghamshire) | Sir Henry FitzHerbert, 3rd Bt., Lawyer & Sheriff of Derbyshire, & Agnes Beresford (Derbyshire) | Johann Ludwig Beckmann & Magdalena Johanna Dorothea Zander (Mecklenburg-Schwerin?) |Johann Peter Christian Daniel Brockmann & Johanna Sophie Marie Anna Werner (Mecklenburg-Schwerin) | Francis Fox, MD, (Derbyshire) & Charlotte Douglas | Joseph Brookhouse, Watch manufacturer, & Sarah Longdon (Derbyshire)

Sir Henry FitzHerbert, 3rd Baronet (1783-1858) by William Corden, the Elder

I don’t actually have a favourite image from this generation but this find of Sir Henry FitzHerbert, and others of his family, is a good example of the Wright family ancestor portraits I have found.

I’m convinced that there will be other images of the Maitland family and tehir ancestors from other generations, and perhaps some of the Macdonell of Keppoch ancestors. But they are probably in private collections, so unless someone gets in touch I probably won’t find them.

Maternal: James Birtwistle, of Stoops & Betty Eddleston (Lancashire) | Unknown HayesUnknown Thomas | Unknown Hartley | John Cunliffe & Priscilla Riley (Lancashire) | Andrew Marwood  & Elizabeth Berry (Lancashire?)Unknown ThomasUnknown McKenna | John Walker (of Ambrose Hall?) & Mary Arrowsmith (Lancashire) | James Parkinson, Corn dealer, & Deborah Salthouse (Lancashire) | Unknown Smith

Paternal: Unknown Kirby | Unknown Watts | Josiah Baxendell, Surgeon  (Lancashire) & Mabella Salisbury (Yorkshire) | Richard Birley, Merchant, & Alice Hornby (Lancashire) Joseph B. Turner, Innkeeper, & Elizabeth [Unknown] (Lancashire) Alexander Charles Maitland, 2nd Bt. & Helen Gibson-Wright (Edinburgh?) | George Ramsay, of Barnton, Banker and Sportsman & Hon. Jean Hamilton (Edinburgh) Walter Nisbet, of Mount Pleasant (Nevis) & Anne Parry (Plas Newydd?) | Sir John Marjoribanks, 1st Bt., Banker & Lord Provost, Edinburgh, & Alison Ramsay (Edinburgh) | Angus (Ban) MacDonald of Inch, poss. farmer of tacksman (Skye) & Christina Macdonald, of Achnacoichine | Rev. Patrick Macdonald, of Kilmore (Sutherlandshire) & Barbara Macdonell, of Keppoch (Inverness-shire) | Unkown MacNab | Alexander Macdonald, of Garvabeg & Charlotte Macdonell, of Keppoch (Inverness-shire) | John Wright, Banker (Baltic Trade) & Anne Sherbrooke (Nottinghamshire)Sir William FitzHerbert, 1st Bt. Barrister, Recorder of Derby, & Gentleman Usher to King George III, & Sarah Perrin (Jamaica) | Unknown Beckmann | Unknown Zander David Daniel Brockmann & Sophia Lucia Lansemann (Mecklenburg-Schwerin) | Johann Christoph Werner & Christina Maria WegnerFrancis Fox & Dorothy Ward | Archibald Douglas, Privateer, (Dumfriesshire) & Miss (poss. Mary) Hake (Devon?) | Thomas Brookhouse, Gardener/seedsman, & Millicent Jenny (Derbyshire) | Unknown Longdon

Rev. Patrick MacDonald, of Kilmore (1729-1824)

I only found this paper cut silhouette of 5 x great grandfather recently. It’s in the National Gallery of Scotland collection and by an unknown artist. I found a portrait of Patrick in The Celtic Magazine that was by his grandson, so I’m hoping to find more images of these ancestors. He appears in two generations as a result of his two marriages.

Maternal: William Birtwistle & Ellen Mercer, farmer and hand loom weaver (Lancashire) | Unknown Eddleston | Unknown Hartley | Henry Cunliffe & Betty Grimshaw (Lancashire?) | Unknown Riley | Unknown Marwood | Unknown Berry | Unknown Walker | Unknown Arrowsmith | Unknown Parkinson | George Salthouse & Ann Eccleston (Lancashire)

Paternal: Joseph Baxendell & Mary Beadle (Lancashire)Thomas Salisbury, of Marshfield House, & Mary Lister (Yorkshire) | John Birley, Merchant, & Elizabeth Shepherd (Lancashire) | Hugh Hornby, Flax dresser and merchant, & Margaret Hankinson (Lancashire) | UnknownTurner | General Sir Alexander Maitland, 1st Bt. & Penelope Madan (Berkshire) | Alexander Gibson-Wright, of Clifton Hall
& Margaret Gibson, of Durie | William Ramsay, of Barnton, Banker & Janet Mansfield (Edinburgh) [parents of both George Ramsay, of Barnton, & Alison Ramsay above]Robert Hamilton, 6th of Wishaw (Lanarkshire?) & Susan Balfour | Walter Nisbet (Lanarkshire) & Mary Webbe (Nevis) | Robert Parry (Plas Newydd) & Unknown | Sir Edward Marjoribanks, of Lees & Grizel Stewart (Edinburgh)Alexander Macdonell, 16th Chief of Keppoch, & 1st Unknown (Skye), 2nd Jessie Stewart, of Appin (West Highlands) | Angus Macdonald, 4th of Achnacoichine, & UnknownMurdoch Macdonald (Sutherlandshire) & Anna Couper (Fife) | Rev. Patrick Macdonald, of Kilmore (Sutherlandshire) & Unknown [Macintosh of Balnespick]Ichabod Wright, Banker & Elizabeth Wildbore (Nottinghamshire)| John Sherbrooke (Nottinghamshire) & Unknown William FitzHerbert & Mary Meynell (Derbyshire) William Perrin (Jamica) & Unknown Hans Brockmann & Sophie Dorthie Dobbert TappertHinrich Lansmann & Anna Sophia Greck | Unknown Werner | Unknown Wegner | Unknown Fox | Unknown Ward | Unknown Douglas & poss. Unknown Kelly | Samuel Hake, Clothier (Devon) & Unknown William Brookhouse & Martha Clay (Derbyshire) | Unknown Jenny

William Ramsay of Barnton (1732-1805) by Sir Henry Raeburn

I was very kindly sent this portrait of my 5 x great grandfather by Edinburgh auctioners Lyon & Turnball. There is a portrait of ‘Children of William Ramsay of Barnton’ by Alexander Nasmyth in the National Galleries of Scotland. Apparently the portrait has been reproduced in a book on Nasmyth by JCB Cooksey. I’ve included this portrait because I have been fascinated by the Ramsay of Barnton family who are not as well documented as some of the more aristocratic families. My research has also introduced me Ramsay relatives from round the globe.

I have found two possible portraits of Penelope Madan in identical frames that suggest that they are from the same collection, and I have blogged about this mystery here.

Maternal: James Birtwistle & Elizabeth Waddington | Unknown Mercer | Unknown Cunliffe | Unknown Grimshaw | Edward Salthouse & Deborah Reeder (Lancashire) | Richard Eccleston & Margret Gregson (Lancashire)

Paternal: Josiah Baxendell & Elizabeth Smethurst (Lancashire) | Unknown Beadle | Edward Salisbury, of Marshfield & Alice Leigh (Yorkshire) | John Lister, of Settle, & Mary Swainson (Yorkshire) | John Birley, Yeoman (Lancashire) & Unknown | Unknown Shepherd Robert Hornby, Yeoman/Gentleman, & Elizabeth Sharrock (Lancashire)Joseph Hankinson & Unknown (Lancashire) | Charles Maitland, 6th Earl of Lauderdale & Elizabeth Ogilvy, of Findlater & Seafield | Colonel Martin Madan, Foot Guards, MP Wootton Basset, Groom Bedchamber to HRH Frederick Prince of Wales, & Judith Cowper, (Ireland/London?) Poet, (Hertfordshire) | Thomas Gibson, of Clifton Hall & Unknown | John Gibson, of Durie (Fife) & Helen Carmichael, of Skirling | George Ramsay, stabler, &  Agnes Thom (Edinburgh) | James Mansfield, Banker, & Janet Macintosh (Edinburgh) | William Hamilton, 4th of Wishaw (Lanarkshire) & Bethia Hamilton | Sir Michael Balfour, 6th Bt & Jane Ross (Midlothian)| Archibald Nisbet, II of Carfin (Edinburgh) & Emilia Stuart (Midlothian)Josiah Webbe (Nevis) & Unknown | Unknown ParryJohn Marjoribanks, of Hallyards & Catherine Campbell (Edinburgh) | Archibald Stewart, of Mitcham, Lord Provost of Edinburgh & Grizel Gordon (Edinburgh)| Coll Macdonell, 15th of Keppoch (Inverness-shire) & Barbara Macdonald, of Sleat (Skye) | Robert Stewart, 8th of Appin, (West Highlands) & Anne Campbell, of Lochnell (Argyll) Archibald Macdonald, 3rd of Achnacoichine & UnknownDonald MacDonald & Margaret Ross (Rossshire) | Rev. Patrick Cooper, of Pittenweem (Fife) & Janet Halyburton (Perthshire) Thomas Wright & Hannah Rotherham (Nottinghamshire) | Unknown Sherbrooke William FitzHerbert & Rachel Bagshaw (Derbyshire) | Littleton Poyntz Meynell & Judith Alleyne (Derbyshire) | Unknown Perrin | Unknown Brockmann | Unknown TappertUnknown Lansmann | Unkbown Greck | Unknown Hake | William Brookhouse & Hannah Jackson (Derbyshire) | Unknown Clay

Judith Cowper (1702 –1781)

I only found this portrait of Judith Cowper yesterday. She was a poet corresponded with Alexander Pope and hasher own entry on the Wikipedia. I found her portrait on the BBC’s Your Paintings Art Collection, which has uncovered a number of new finds. I knew nothing about the Cowper family, but will cover them soon, as it’s finds like this that bring my ancestors to life.

I’m guessing there will be more portraits to be found of this generation.

Maternal: Thomas Birtwistle, of Moorside, Thrower or turners, & Mary Yates (Lancashire) | Unknown Waddington | George Salthouse & Elizabeth Swarbreck (Lancashire) | Thomas Reeder & Jane Bagett (Lancashire) | Unknown Eccleston | Unknown Gregson

Paternal: Thomas Backstendeane & Unknown (Lancashire) | Unknown Smethurst | Unknown Salisbury | Richard Leigh & Margaret Unknown | John Lister & Maybella (Elizabeth or Mabella or Eliza) Unknown | Thomas Swainson & Margaret Armistead | Unknown BirleyWilliam Hornby & Isabel Horscarr (Lancashire) | Unknown Sharrock | Unknown Hankinson | Sir John Maitland, 5th Earl of Lauderdale, & Margaret Cuninghame | James Ogilvy, 4th Earl Findlater & 1st Seafield  & Anne Dunbar, of Drum Martin Madan (Waterford, Ireland) & Penelope Russell (Nevis) | Spencer Cowper, MP and Barrister (Hertfordshire) & Pennington Goodeve | Sir Alexander Gibson, of Pentland & Helen Fleming, of Rathobyres | Alexander Gibson, of Durie & Elizabeth Foulis, of Ravelston | William Carmichael, of Skirling & Helen Craig, of Riccarton| Unknown Ramsay | Unknown Thom | Peter Mansfield, Inkhorn turner & Alisone Hutchisone (Edinburgh) | Unknown Macintosh | Robert Hamilton, younger of Wishaw & Jean Hamilton | Charles Hamilton (Lanarkshire) & Euphemia Hamilton | & Marjory Moncrieff| Unknown Ross | Archibald Nisbet (Fife) & Eupham Scroggie | Archibald Stuart, of Dunearn & poss. Anna Henderson | Unknown Webbe | Edward Marjoribanks, of Hallyards, & Janet Loch | Unknown Campbell | Sir Robert Stewart, 1st Bt.of Allanbank, & Helen Cockburn | John Gordon, in Edinburgh & Archibald Macdonell, 14th of Keppoch, & Mary MacMartin, of Letterfinlay | Sir Donald Breac Macdonald, 3rd Bt of Sleat, & Margaret or Mary Douglas, of Morton | Allan Stewart & Margaret Maclean, of Coll | Sir Alexander Campbell, 6th of Lochnell (Argyll) & Margaret Stewart, of Appin | Alexander Macdonald, 2nd of Achnacoichine, & Unknown | Unknown MacDonald | Rev. Walter Ross, Minister of parish of Tongue (Rossshire) & Unknown | Unknown Couper or Cowper | Rev. George Halyburton (Perthsire) & Margaret Playfair (Perthshire) | Capt. John Wright/Camplyon, New Model Army & Jane Mosley (Nottinghamshire) | Thomas Rotherham, at Nottingham, & Unknown (Nottinghamshire) | Anthony FitzHerbert & Elizabeth Wicholes (Derbyshire) | Unknown Bagshaw | Godfrey Meynell  & Elizabeth Littleton (Derbyshire) | Thomas Alleyne & Judith Thornhill | William Brookhouse & Hannah Cockerham (Derbyshire)

Spencer Cowper (1670-1728)

Again I only found this portrait of Spence Cowper yesterday, which gives you some idea of how live this project is. He was an MP and barrister who was involved in either a murder or tragic suicide known as the The Sarah Stout Affair. Discovering these stories from less well known families is what really fascinates me.

Again I would expect their to be more portraits of ancestors in this generation. If I can trace them this far back then they are likely to be from families that would had their portraits taken. It’s interesting to note that the handful of portraits I have found in these generations are in some way or another elated to the Maitlands, and their related families, which is an indication of their status at the time.

Maternal: John Birtwistle, of Higham & Hannah Stephenson (Lancashire) | Unknown Yates | Unknown Salthouse | Unknown Swarbreck | John Reeder & Isabell Gattley (Lancashire) | Unknown Baget

Paternal:Roger Backstendeane & Margery (Lancashire) |Leonard Leigh
& Elizabeth Brigge Rev. Anthony Lister, & (Mabella) MaybellaLawrence Swainson & Unknown | Unknown Armistead | Richard Hornby & Elizabeth Walmesley (Lancashire) | Unknown Horscarr | Charles Maitland, 3rd Earl of Lauderdale, & Elizabeth Lauder | Alexander Cuninghame, 10th Earl of Gencairn, & Nicol Stewart, of KirkhillJames Ogilvy, 3rd Earl of Findlater, & Anne Montgomerie, of Eglington | Sir William Dunbar, 1st Bt of Durn, & Janet Brodie | Dr. Richard Madan (Waterford) & & Marie-Alice Fagan | Lt.-Governor, Col. Sir James Russell & Penelope Tyrrell (Nevis) | Sir Wlliam Cowper, 2nd Bt. & Sarah Holled | John Goodeve & Unknown | Sir John Gibson, of Pentland & Addistone, & Jean Hay, of Kennet | Sir James Fleming, of Rathobyres, & Unknown | John 2nd Lord Carmichael, 1st Earl of Hyndford & Beatrix Drummond, of Maderty | Thomas Craig, of Riccarton, & Unknown | Unknown Mansfield | John Hutchisone, Combmaker (Edinburgh) | William Hamilton, 3rd of Wishaw & Anne Hamilton, of Udston | Robert Hamilton, of Brownmuir & Unknown | William Hamilton, 3rd of Wishaw & Mary Erskine | Sir Archibald Hamilton, 1st Bart of Rosehall, & Anne Murray | Sir Michael Balfour, 4th Bt. & Unknown Ayton | George Moncrieff, of Reidie, & Unknown | James Nisbet (Ayrshire) & Jean Hamilton | John Scroggie & Catherine Harrower | James Stuart, 4th Earl of Moray, & Margaret Home, of Home | Unknown Henderson | Edward Marjoribanks, of Hallyards, & Agnes Murray | James Loch, of Drylaw & Unknown | Sir James Steuart, of Coltness, Scottish merchant, banker, landowner, politician, Covenanter & Lord Provost of Edinburgh, & Anne Hope | Unknown Gordon | Alasdair Buidhe Macdonell, 13th of Keppoch, & Unknown daughter of Angus Mor Macdonald, of Bohuntine | Duncan MacMartin, 6th of Letterfinlay, & Unknown | Sir James MorMacdonald, 2nd Bt 9th of Sleat & Margaret Mackenzie, of Cogeach | Robert 2nd of Douglas, 8th Earl of Morton & Elizabeth Villers | Duncan Stewart, 6th of Appin & Unknown daughter of Cameron, of Lochiel |Hector Ruadh\Roy Maclean, 5th of Coll & Marian Maclean, of Duart | Colin Campbell, 5th of Lochnell (Argyllshire) &  Anne Campbell |Duncan mor Stewart, 7th of Appin & Jean Campbell, of Glenorchy | Angus Og Macdonell, 1st of Achnacoichine & Unknown  Unknown Ross | Unknown Halyburton | Rev. Andrew Playfair & Margaret Oliphant | John Wright/John Camplyon (Stowemarket, Suffolk) & Unknown | Unknown Mosley | Unknown Rotherham | John FitzHerbert & Elizabeth FitzHerbert (Derbyshire) |Unknown Wicholes | Francis Meynell & Unknown | Unknown Littleton | Abel Alleyne &  Elizabeth Denzy | Unknown Thornhill | Godfrey Brookhouse & Elizabeth Bailey (Derbyshire) | John Cockerham & Unknown |

Sir James Steuart of Coltness (1608-1681)

I only discovered Sir James Steuart, of Coltness recently through a bit of detective work while putting my ‘Genealogical dead ends revisited’ post together. He is an ancestor of Grizel Stewart. the mother of Sir John Marjoribanks, 1st Bt, who we are descended from through Maitland and Ramsay ancestors. He has his own wiki entry, and during the Reformation was imprisoned in Edinburgh Castle as a Covenanter. I should do a post about our Covenanter ancestors at some point.

Maternal: Henry Birtwistle and Helena [Unknown] | Unknown Stephenson | Unknown Reeder | Unknown Gattley

I will look at older generation another time, but the further I go back the more aristocratic and royal the families become. This means that they are well documented and ultimately less interesting for me as far as discoveries go. I have also spent a llot of time on this recently, so could do with a break ;-)


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