Generation 5: Paternal 3x  Gt. Grandparents…

In theory, there should be 32 ancestors in this generation, but two ancestors (Fitzherbert and Mary Wright) in the last generation were siblings so shared the same parents. And we can’t confirm the natural father of our great grandmother Annie Birtwistle (née Hartley), so that branch is currently a dead end. That means we not only have a duplicate pair of ancestors at this generation, but also a missing pair.  And so there are actually only 28 possible ancestors we can currently trace in this generation.

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George Graham solves a number of mysteries for me

As mentioned in my A Kirby-Turner connection? post about this time last year, I’d noticed that the marriage of my great great grandfather Alfred Octavius Kirby was assisted by both his brother the Rev. A. G. Kirby and the Rev. J. Kirby Turner (see below). I’ve been wondering whether the Rev. J. Kirby Turner might also be related somehow. Continue reading “George Graham solves a number of mysteries for me”

another day, another mystery: Joseph Turner and Ellen of Frodsham, Cheshire?

Every time I go an check out George H. Graham’s “THE THOMPSONS” Shipbuilders of Sunderland site he’s added another detail about one of my ancestors, or even a new ancestor and often one that I’d never heard of before. This time it’s my great great great great grandfather Joseph Turner and his wife Ellen from Frodsham, Cheshire (see more here). Continue reading “another day, another mystery: Joseph Turner and Ellen of Frodsham, Cheshire?”