A Kirby-Turner connection?

I noticed in my last post that the marriage of my great great grandfather Alfred Octavius Kirby was assisted by both his brother the Rev. A. G. Kirby and the Rev. J. Kirby Turner (see below). I was wondering whether the Rev. J. Kirby Turner might also be related somehow.

The Times, Monday, Jul 19, 1875: MARRIAGES
On the 15th inst., at St Jame’s Church, Piccadilly, by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Guildford, assisted by the Rev. J. Kirby Turner and the Rev. A. G. Kirby, ALFRED OCTAVIUS KIRBY, of 57 Queen’s Gate, to ALICE, eldest daughter of LLOYD BAXENDALE, Esq., of No. 58 Grosvenor Street.

It’s just that Lloyd Baxendale (born in Eccles, Lancashire) was married to Ellen Turner (born in Frodsham, Cheshire). So you have an Alfred Ocatvius Kirby with a mother-in-law called Ellen Turner and a Rev. J. Kirby Turner who assisted at Alfred Octavius’ wedding. It may all be a coincidence, but I found a Charles Henry Kirby-Turner who was born in 1868. He was the eldest son of the Rev. Joseph Kirby (1852) of Stalmine, Lancs. He was also the brother of Lloyd C. K. (1891). I also found a marriage announcement in The Times for a Lloyd Caulfeild Kirby-Turner younger son of the late Revd. Joseph Kirby-Turner. vicar of Stalmine, Lancs:

The Times | April 9, 1915: MARRIAGES
KIRBY-TURNER : CHAMBERLAIN. On the 6th April, at St. Helen,. North Kensington, by the Reverend Charles G. Williamson. uncle of the bridegroom. assisted by Revd. L. M. Lake, of Upper Norwood, and the Revd. P. J. Jomini. vicar of the parlsh. LLOYD CAULFElLD Kirby Tuner younger son of the late Revd. Joseph Kirby-Turner. vicar of Stalmine, Lancs., and Mrs. Kirby-Turner. of St. Bedwardine.road. Upper Norwood. to MILDRED MARGARET CHAMBERLAIN. only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain. of 164. Oxford-gardens. N. Kensington. and Worthing.

Maybe the Rev. J. Kirby Turner is the same person as Revd. Joseph Kirby-Turner. He would have been about 23 when Alfred Octavius Kirby got married in 1875, and so I’m wondering if they might be cousins. If so, then it might help us find out more about the ancestry of George Goldsmith Kirby.

There’s a Lloyd Caulfeild Kirby-Turner mentioned on The Peerage site, and so is his son Joseph Gerald Caulfeild Kirby-Turner (d. 29 Dec 19611), who married Patricia Honora Blake (daughter of Major Cecil Bruce Blake and Effie Howell). They had two children Belinda Shiralee Anne Kirby-Turner (b. 29 Jan 19591) and Sharon Briar Rose Kirby-Turner (b. 29 Dec 1960). As to whether they could help solve the mystery of George Goldsmith Kirby’s ancestry is another matter.

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