George Graham solves a number of mysteries for me

As mentioned in my A Kirby-Turner connection? post about this time last year, I’d noticed that the marriage of my great great grandfather Alfred Octavius Kirby was assisted by both his brother the Rev. A. G. Kirby and the Rev. J. Kirby Turner (see below). I’ve been wondering whether the Rev. J. Kirby Turner might also be related somehow.

The Times, Monday, Jul 19, 1875: MARRIAGES
On the 15th inst., at St Jame’s Church, Piccadilly, by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Guildford, assisted by the Rev. J. Kirby Turner and the Rev. A. G. Kirby, ALFRED OCTAVIUS KIRBY, of 57 Queen’s Gate, to ALICE, eldest daughter of LLOYD BAXENDALE, Esq., of No. 58 Grosvenor Street.

Well, turns out that Joseph Kirby Turner was the Uncle of my great great grandmother Alice Baxendale, so I am related to Joseph. His father, my great great great great grandfather was Joseph Turner and George Graham has managed to find out the following:

Joseph was born about 1796, the son of Joseph B. Turner, at Broughton In Furness, Lancashire. He was schooled at Hawkshead, Lancashire. He was admitted to Trinity College, Oxford, at age 21, on 5 June 1818 Migrated to Corpus Jan. 18, 1819; B.A. 1824; M.A. 1827. Ordained deacon, 1824; priest, 1825. Curate of Frodsham, Cheshire, 1834-42. Rector of Fen Ditton, Cambridge, 1842-4. Vicar of Lancaster, 1844-70. Hon. Canon of Manchester, 1853. Disappears from Crockford, 1872.

Funnily enough his daughter Ellen is my great great grandmother. She married Lloyd Baxendale whose family had made their fortune through haulage (Pickfords). His other daughter Elizabeth is my step-great great great grandmother. She married the industrialist and politician Henry William Schneider. Their daughter Beatrice Elizabeth married my great great grandfather Alfred Octavius after his first wife Alice died. Beatrice and Alice were cousins.

So George has connected a lot of dots for me. Firstly, he’s linked the our family to Joseph Kirby Turner. Then he shown the connection between Ellen and Elizabeth Turner and given me a lot more detail about my Turner ancestors. There also a whole host of other detail he’s found that I’ll go into soon.

I’m now trying to figure out whether my aunt Diana is connected to these Scheiders through her mother Muriel Schneider. Both are from Lancashire at a similar time and seemed to have moved in similar circles. I also wonder if Joseph Turner’s wife Ellen was a Kirby, and if this was why her son was called Joseph Kirby Turner.

I noticed a Lloyd Caulfield Kirby-Turner mentioned on Turtle Bunbury’s site. I assuming he’s related because the OnLine Parish Clerks for the County of Lancashire records show that a Lloyd Caulfield Kirby Turner was the child of Joseph Kirby Turner & Theresa Caroline and was born 16 Jul 1872.

Turtle Bunbury’s site mentions that Lloyd had a son and Joseph and he had two daughters. I’ve contacted Turtle to see if he can put me in touch. So fingers crossed that I can find out the history.

Anyway, can’t tell you all how grateful I am to George for his discoveries.

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