Kirby Turner Mystery Lead

I’ve been contacted by Andrew Wright in Ireland. He’s putting a family tree together for his wife’s 50th: funnily enough my elder brother recently did something similar for our dad’s 80th which included photos of all seven generations from Alfred Octavius Kirby downwards (my nephew Sam who recently got the MC has just had a baby boy).

Andrew’s wife Sharon (Kirby Turner) is a gt gt g’daughter of Rev. Joseph Kirby Turner who assisted in the marriage of my great great grandparents, Alfred Octavius Kirby and Alice Baxendale:

The Times, Monday, Jul 19, 1875 MARRIAGES
On the 15th inst., at St Jame’s Church, Piccadilly, by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Guildford, assisted by the Rev. J. Kirby Turner and the Rev. A. G. Kirby, Alfred Octavious Kirby, of 57 Queen’s Gate, to Alice, eldest daughter of Lloyd Baxendale, Esq., of No. 58 Grosvenor Street.

George H. Graham who runs the  “THE THOMPSONS” Shipbuilders of Sunderland managed to show me that Joseph Kirby Turner was actually Alice Baxendale’s uncle (her mother Ellen and Joseph were siblings … see here).

The missing bit of the jigsaw though is Joseph Kirby Turner’s mother Ellen, and whether her maiden name might have been Kirby given that Joseph was the only male
offspring and only one of 5 children to have Kirby added to his name (see here).

Andrew has been searching for Ellen’s maiden name and, like me, has been presuming that it was Kirby. Having ascertained that she was born in Lancaster about 1804, he found only found 2 possible Christening records:

Ellen Kirby born Nov 1804, Christened 10 Dec 1804 at Beetham, Westmorland, father Joseph, mother Sarah.

Eleanor Kirby, born 16 July 1804, Christened 29 July 1804 at Newcastle Upon tyne, Northumberland, father Jemes, mother Jane.

Apparently, it’s not unusual for Christenings to be held in another parish, perhaps where the grandparents lived. Andrew thinks Beetham is certainly much more likely as it is only about 12 miles from Lancaster.

He’s subsequently found the following:

MARRIAGE; Joseph Kirby to Sarah Jackson. 04 Feb 1799 at Beetham Westmorland.

CHRISTENING ;  Anne Kirby, 27 Oct 1800, same location, parents Joseph & Sarah Kirby.

… which ties in with previous finding of

CHRISTENING ; Ellen Kirby, 10 Dec 1804, same location, same parents.

Interestingly he’s also found 2 marriage records (Yorkshire: Carlton Juxta Snaith, Parish Registers, Christenings Marriages & Burials 1598 to 1812):

Mark Hesleton of Snaith, and ANN KIRBY (related to Joseph ?) of Carlton. 17 Jun 1790 marriage by JOHN JACKSON Asst.Minister, (relative of the above Sarah
Jackson ? ) witnessed by JOSEPH KIRBY!

Thos.Brunskill of Ossington, Notts. and Mary Horneal of Carlton 18 Aug 1797 marriage by JOHN TURNER Curate, witnessed by JOSEPH KIRBY.

Beetham, Carlton & Snaith are all adjacent, and probably in the same Diocese and  ths is of interest because assisting clergy often sign as the witnesses to a marriage (at least today). It may, however, be a red herring but Alfred Octavius’ brother Augustus George was an Anglican Vicar and there’s a strong Anglican tradition in the turner family. So perhaps there’s Kirby tradition of Anglican clergy, which might make research easier to follow up via Lambeth Palace.

But if the Ellen Kirby found is correct, then Andrew is proposing the following:

Joseph Kirby & Sarah Jackson m 04 Feb 1799

Their daughter Ellen Kirby b Nov 1804  m abt. 1829  Joseph Turner b abt 1797

Not sure how I go about proving this and whether I can then link this Joseph Kirby to the George Kirby (gent) who was living near London when our great great great grandfather George Goldsmith Kirby was admitted to Gray’s Inn:

1 July 1825
George Goldsmith Kirby, only son of George K., of Kensall Green, Middlesex, gent. Joseph Foster’s Gray’s Inn Admission Register (p. 431), 1521-1889 (London, 1889)

But it’s the most promising lead we’ve had for a while given there’s a Kirby, Lancashire and Anglican Connection. Might be worth seeing if there’s Goldsmith Anglican connection too, although can’t help now thinking that the Anglican connection is from Lancashire.


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