Lorna Macdonald Nash and her family

At the end of my recent post about Geoffrey Stewart Fleetwood Nash, I remarked that it would be interesting to see whether the post would get picked up by anyone researching this family. I ended up getting contacted by Chenda Wakefield. Her grandmother was Geoffrey’s sister. We didn’t manage to work out how my great great aunt Agnes might of known him though. What I was able to point out from the inclusions in her scrapbook was that Agnes not only knew Geoffrey, but also his siblings Lorna, Leslie and Eugene.

Agnes appears to have gone skiing in Grindlewald with different combinations of the Nash family between 1910-1913.  There’s a signed Christmas Menu from the Hotel Alpenruhe which includes signatures from Agnes, Lorna, Leslie and Geoofrey as well as Henrietta Thornton who was the Nashes aunt, sister of their father, and also her daughter Rose Thornton. There’s also other trips to the highlands Agnes takes with the Nashes.

According to Chenda, Lorna Macdonald Nash (photo above with Eiger in Background) married Charles Davy in 1914.  She died in 1972 and Chenda can vaguely remember her. Leslie Chessborough Fleetwood Nash married in 1917 he died in 1951. His son and daughter are still alive, and there a number of grandchildren. Eugene married in 1919 & died in 1979, he had one daughter who died last year, but his granddaughter is still alive. The only sibling not mentioned in the scrapbook is Chenda’s grandmother Eveleen, who would have been in China with her grandfather at that time. Sadly, Geoffrey shot himself in 1936 – apparently he was in love with the wife of his best friend and he felt it was the only way out. There’s an article about his suicide here. Interestingly, the Nashes parents married in Lausanne in 1878, so Switzerland seem to play an important part in their lives.

The Nashes had homes in Gerrard’s Cross & Harrow. They had Scottish roots, as their mother was a Macdonald whose family came from Inverness. Their cousin Sheila MacDonald was the first woman to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in 1927 when she was 22.

I forwarded a whole load of copies of the Nash inclusions in Agnes’s scrapbook to Chendra, so I hope she’s able to work out who’s who as I struggled. Anyway, I love the way the web has managed to help us share these photographs and other scrap book items around a 100 years later.


One thought on “Lorna Macdonald Nash and her family

  1. Hi again, I’m pretty sure that Lorna Macdonald married GEORGE ALASTAIR CHARLES Davy, known as Alastair! Cheers, Chenda

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