The Homes of Agnes Fox

My great great aunt Agnes Fox’s scrapbook includes a whole host of photographs of their family home, Coombe Springs in Kingston upon Thames. My great great grandfather Alfred Octavius Kirby was living in Coombe Neville on Kingston Hill around 1900. I wonder if this close proximity had anything to do with my grandfather Claude marrying Agnes’ niece Rosemary Wright.

I’m not sure when they left Coombe Springs to move to Kippington Grange in Sevenoaks. It was probably when Sir Douglas retired, but she was sent this cartoon above about a pathetic incident on Kingston Hill. I’ve no idea who sent it to her though. There’s also a pen and ink drawing of Coombe Srings I found in the Scrapbook, but I’ve no idea whether this was one of Agnes’ sketches or not.

Sir Douglas also seemed to have a London residence at 12 Queens Gate Gardens, but I don’t how long they lived there for although I assume the family engineering firm was based in London.

he photograph below is of their Kippington Grange home in Sevenoaks, Kent. I think it maybe Agnes and her dog in the photograph.

I’m not sure whether or not the picture below is of Agnes’ Wield View House on Bayley’s Hill, Svenoaks. It seems to be in the same style as the water colour below it of Anges’ ‘Weald View’ garden.

The scrapbook contains newspaper clippings from the Svenoaks Chronicle praising Agnes’ garden and her replying to thank them for their appreciation. There’s also a letter from what looks like John Burgess of Clapham Common addressed to ‘The Proprietor of that Delightful Spot “Weald View”‘. There another clipping from Agnes to the Chronicle on the 8th August 1915 saying she can hear the guns in flanders. She also mentions that her little ‘wild’ garden is open to the public and there’s other loose clippings mention this too. Again I’m not sure who painted this water colour,  but I think it’s probably a self portrait by Agnes.


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