The Hey, Throwleigh, Okehampton, Devon

Further to my The Homes of Agnes Foxpost, my mother emailed me to say that Agnes had ended up in a cottage at Throwleigh on Dartmoor.  She’d been there with my father and his father Claude, after Agnes died. Seems like Agnes left everything to the Vicar, although fortunately not her scrapbook because I found the above photo in it which I’m guessing is the cottage in Throwleigh.

My mother also mentioned that Agnes’ sister-in-law Mildred Fox (née Harris) was still living in  a big house in Kensington Square in the Sixties, which was next to the Assumption Convent  – ‘a very posh order of nuns’.  My cousin Sue MacLaren was one for a while, and apparently one of my father’s relations was head of the order long ago.  Apparently, Aunt Mildred had constant battles with the Reverend Mother next door. My mother remembers my grandmother Rosemary going to visit her when Mildred had been bed-bound for some time and coming back saying she was never going to end up that way. She kept her word.

Anyway, I though the shot of the cottage was interesting because her scrapbook starts with the photographs below of Osmaston Manor and Tissington Hall:

Osmaston Manor, home of my great great great grandfather Francis Wright

Home of my great great great great grandfather Sir Henry Fitzherbert

I thought I’d add the photograph of Yeldersley Hall below and add the caption that Agne’s sister Mary Wright (my great grandmother) lived here, and it’s where my grandmother was born. So my blog is now ‘talking’ to Agnes’ scrapbook a bit like the way Umberto Eco describes books talking to books in Foucault’s Pendulum.


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