Sir Francis Fox and Family Revisited

Sir Francis Fox 1844-1927

I’ve made another post on The Peerage Forum, this time it’s for my great great great uncle Sir Francis Fox. According to the Wiki he married twice, first in 1869 to Selena Wright who died in 1900, he then married Agnes Horne in 1901. They also say he had a son and three daughters from his first marriage. This may have been true at the time of his death, but I think there may have been 2 sons and 3 daughters:

Charles Beresford Fox (b. 14 Feb 1875, died 16th April 1912)
Dr Selina Fitzherbert Fox (Lena)
Edith Marion Fox
Mrs Walter Western
Francis Harry Wright Fox

I have a few sources for this. Ones a very bad family tree which seems to suggest that Charles Beresford married Lena Fox and that they had a child called Lena Beresford who married Francis Harry Wright.

Then there’s a newspaper clipping in my great great aunt Agnes’ scrapbook is a clipping from Sir Francis’ funeral, which mentions the following:

Lady Fox (Widow) [Selina Wright]
Mr F.H.W. Fox (Son)
Dr Selina Fox (Daughter)
Mr and Mrs Walter Western (Son-in-law and daughter)
Mrs Clive Davies and Miss Lorna Davies (Daughter and granddaughter)

It also mentions a Mrs C. Beresford Fox, so Charles Beresford Fox may have married before he died. But there’s no mention of this in his obituary from the The Institution of Civil Engineers:

CHARLES BERESFORD FOX, born on the 14th February, 1875, died at Toronto on the 16th April, 1912, from the after effects of an operation. The eldest son of Sir Francis Fox, M. Inst. C.E., he was educated at Harrow and Cambridge, and joined the firm of Sir Douglas Fox and Partners, Consulting Engineers, afterwards becoming a member of the firm of Wragge and Fox, of Toronto. He was successively engaged on the London extension of the Great Central Railway, the construction of the Victoria Falls Bridge over the Zambesi, where he sustained a severe accident, the Nile irrigation works, the Simplon tunnel, and other important enterprises. He had taken up work in Canada when his untimely death occurred.
Mr. Fox was elected an Associate Member of The Institution on the 5th March, 1901.

I’m guessing that the Mr F.H.W. Fox (Son) mentioned in the newspaper clipping above is Francis Harry Wright Fox, and the newspaper has got the father/son relationship right. In his book “Sixty-three years of engineering, scientific and social work” Sir Francis refers to his daughter Mrs Walter Western, but I can’t find her christian name.
As mentioned in a previous post, Edith Marion Fox (above) married (Theophilus) Clive Davies, Esq., of Hawkley  Hurst, Hampshire. He was the Eldest son of Theophilus Harris Davies, Esq., of Honolulu, and Tunbridge Wells, who d. 1898, and Mary Ellen,  who d. 1907, dau. of the late George Cocking. Esq., of Ludlow. Theophilus Harris Davies acted as a guardian of Princess Kaʻiulani while she traveled to Europe and the United States. In the 2009 film Princess Kaiulani it is suggested that Clive Davies was actually engaged to Princess Kaiulani (see more here).

Edith and Clive married in 1898 Edith and from what I’ve seen had as son called Harold Francis Theophilus, b. 1912.

Mr. Davies, was educated at Uppingham and at Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (S.B. 1894), was formerly British Vice- Consul at Honolulu. — Hawkley Hurst, Hawkley, Hampshire; Bath Club, VI. Source: Edward Walford. The county families of the United Kingdom; or, Royal manual of the titled and untitled aristocracy of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland .. (Volume ed.59, yr.1919)
. (page 98 of 415)


11 thoughts on “Sir Francis Fox and Family Revisited

  1. I have a distant connection to Dr Selina Fitzherbert Fox, she setup the Bermondsey Mission Hospital in London around 1904 and worked in the hospital until her death in 1958. My ancestor by marriage (Ursula Graham) worked with her in the hospital and we think contributed financially – part of the mission was named after her. Selina worked for a short while in India prior to this, after she first qualified as a Doctor. She also published a book – A Chain for Prayer Across the Ages in 1913..

    I think I have a picture of her(?) with Ursula and am happy to share what I have if you want to get in touch.

      1. This is the only readily available photo of Selina Fox online that I know of, but she is the one in the middle of the front row, wearing the dark hat: That photo originates (smaller) from here:

        PS: I am an historian of medicine researching medical missions ( and I have many more photos-of-photos of Dr Fox. I also have a photo-of-a-photo of Edith Marion Fox and (Theophilus) Clive Davies’ youngest daughter, Elizabeth Davies, presenting flowers to the then Duchess of York, Elizabeth the Queen Mother, at the Bermondsey Medical Mission.

    1. PS: I have quite a lot of information about Ursula Graham’s involvement with the Bermondsey Medical Mission and am happy to share that with you. Her life before she met Dr Fox and became involved in the Medical Mission remains largely a mystery to me. Ursula and Dr Fox lived together for many years and were very close companions.

    2. Hello,
      I’m writing a book about Countess Markievicz in 1916-7. She spent most of the period in Aylesbury Prison were Dr. Selina F. Fox was Governor. They were both remarkable women – the Countess went on to become the first woman elected to Westminster. I’m trying to discover information on Dr. Fox to give a balanced view of their encounter.
      I live in Ireland and intend to visit London in August. I’d love to know if there is a record where Dr. Fox gave her views on the Countess – the prison records are very cool and correct. Any help will be acknowledged.
      Patrick Quigley

      1. Hello Justin, thanks for the reply.
        I have a good deal of information on Selina Fox, mainly through Church Mission and Bermondsley Hospital websites, but very little on her term as prison governor except that she did not particularly enjoy the experience. I plan to visit London next month and may uncover some clues. I will send you a photo of her when the pc is attached to a scanner.

      2. Hello Justin,  I enclose a photograph of Dr Selina Fox for your website. She doesn’t look at all like a prison governor, but that was really her war duty.  Regards,  Patrick  

      3. Hi Pat

        I have some (little) information about Dr Fox’s time at Aylesbury that I could share with you. Unfortunately there is nothing specific (about Countess Markievicz) in what I have, but it does describe the sort of place Aylesbury was during those years and the sorts of people who made up its population. You can find my contact information on my research page at (I have lots of other information about Dr Fox, as well, including photos; it seems she preferred to not discuss her time at Aylesbury and I get the sense it was at least in part because she was instructed not to.)


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