Charles Anthony Lister

Charles Anthony Lister

Charles Anthony Lister is the son of my great great aunt Dorothy Gian Kirby. No one in my family knew that she’d existed until George H. Graham created the page about my great great grandfather Alfred Octavius Kirby. She’d appeared in the 1901 Census having been born about 1891 in Surbiton, Kingston. There had also been an announcement about her engagement to a Capt. John Charles Francis Lister. That’s about all we knew until Bradley Jeffreys got in touch over Christmas in response to my Closest Kirby Family Relatives – Ernest Seymour Kirby? post.

Bradley kindly provided the photo of Charles Anthony Lister above, and also explained that Dorothy Gian (called “Gian”) Kirby married (Capt) John Charles Francis (called “Jack”) Lister. Jack was born Nov 15, 1894. He was in 3rd Battn King’s Shropshire Light Infantry, and they married hastily before he went to War (WW1). Their son Charles Anthony Lister married Elizabeth, and they had a son called Stephen who would be our closest living Kirby relative. My father was an only child, and his father’s brother and sister died in WW2 without children.

Jack was the son of Major John James Lister and Gertrude Christiana Jones (Bradley’s aunt). Major J J Lister died in 1943 in his 84th year. They had only 2 children, Jack (who married Gian Kirby) and Hope (who never married). Major Lister and Gertrude lives at Warninglid Grange, which may also be known as The Grange, Warninglid. Hopefully, I’ll have an update on our lister cousins soon.

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