Elizabeth Lauder, heiress of Haltoun

Elizabeth Lauder, heiress of Haltoun

Just founder a new ancestor photo for my Maitland Ahnentafel. It’s of Elizabeth Lauder wife of Charles Maitland, 3rd Earl of Lauderdale.  She was the daughter of Richard Lauder and Mary Scot, Lady Haltoun, Strangely the Wiki entry doesn’t include a portrait of her husband although I found a great one below of her father Richard below.

Richard Lauder was a Justice of the Peace, was Member of Parliament for Edinburghshire in 1621, and in 1647 and 1648 was on the Committees of War for Edinburgh. He was also Commissioner of Excise in 1661. He died in November 1675 in Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, and was interred in Ratho Church on the 29th. His portrait, by John Scougal, hangs in Thirlestane Castle. I wonder what other portraits of ancestors they have hanging there.

Richard Lauder, Laird of Haltoun


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