Angus Charles Marjoribanks Maitland

Angus Charles Marjoribanks Maitland

Angus Charles Marjoribanks Maitland was my great great Uncle. I only met him twice before he died in 1986. I actually know very little about him other than that he was a motorcycling champion and married Mary Bridgid O’Callaghan daughter of  Thomas O’Callaghan of Claremorris, who died 1946. I think he may have been an engineer at Westland Aircraft Ltd, judging by an extract I found from the American Society of Refrigerating Engineers in 1947. I’d love to do an obituary for him, but in the meantime here are some fantastic photos that his grandson Charles Daniel sent me. “Andatchy” below delivered Angus during a severe thunderstorm in Ceylon on January 29th 1887. He was quite poorly when he arrived, so she and his mother fed him a nip of whisky. He immediately revived and lived almost 99 years. Charles Daniel and his sister Helen, fed him his last glass of whisky in January 1986, just a week or so before he died. He always drank it with 50% water, perhaps a clue to his longevity!


ACM Maitland c. 1894

Angus second from left as part of Rowing 4 at the former Jesuit Beaumont College in Windsor in 1905:

Beaumont College Rowing Four 1905

Beaumont College Boating Club with Angus 3rd from left:


Beaumont College Boating Club

Angus and J Grant climbing the Matterrhorn in 1904:

ACM Maitland & J Grant, Matterhorn 1904

Angus and J Grant in Zermatt 1904:


ACM Maitland & J Grant, Zermatt 1904

The Robinson & Hole built by Angus in 1906:

Robinson & Hole built by ACM Maitland 1906
ACM Maitland 1964
ACM Maitland 1965
ACM Maitland 1983
ACM Maitland 1983

Photograph from Somerset Standard of Angus at his cottage with his grandchildren Helen and Charles in 1985:

ACM Maitland and granchildren 1985

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