Thirty-One Generations Of The Birtwistle Family: preface and table of contents

The Preface and Table of Content below were originally published in Thirty-One Generations Of The Birtwistle Family, A Family History (Including, But Not Limited To,  The Birtwistle, Bertwistle, Birtwhistle, Birtwell Spellings) compiled by L. Alan Birtwhistle (2006: Family Heritage Publishers).

We are plannning to publish pretty much the book whole book as a series of blog posts, so links to both individuals mentioned below along with pages included in the index will over time become active links. In the meantime, you can see two of the sections we have already published:

The book contained articles, information, pictures, research and contributions from many others that Alan has given us permission to share here.

We are serialising the republishing of the book, and the chapters that have been shared on here to-date are shown in the table of contents below.

Alan’s book contained details of several families branches from 1200 to 2006. There was also a CD supplement with the book that included a family tree file with details of many family members from 1160-2006 that was compiled by Alan from many sources. It was his hope and desire that any changes, additions, amendments and/or corrections to the tree could be continually updated and made available to all family members. That’s why the tree has now been added to this site by Hamish Maclaren, who contiues to update ir with kind help from Alan and others collaborating with them. The files have been privatized to protect living individuals, but where possibele we have linked to those individuals in the tree mentioned in the ‘Some Interesting Facts’ sections below.

You can read about how to best search the family tree on this site and where else it can be accessed here, in article about the Birtwistle family that contains links to other sources.

If you have a relevant tree and would like to support this collaboration, including updating the tree and supporting the comumity with the family history research then please get in contact via the comments below.

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Thirty-One Generations Of The Birtwistle Family, A Family History (Including, But Not Limited To,  The Birtwistle, Bertwistle, Birtwhistle, Birtwell Spellings) compiled byL. Alan Birtwhistle

Published in the United States of America 2006
ISBN 0-9788644-0-9
L. Alan Birtwhistle
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Chesapeake, VA 23320

Printed by Family Heritage Publishers
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It is reported by John W. Birtwhistle that the location of Bridtwisell still exists (1990s) next to what is now known as the Clough, between the villages of Hapton and Huncote in Lancashire. If one looks at the actual pictures of the Clough, you will note that there is no sign of human habitation, but that it fits the definition of Clough, a narrow, steep-sided ravine. Bridtwisell was originally a place of refuge, both for animal life and then man, from the harsh winds that constantly sweep across the surrounding hillsides, locally called moors. It could only shelter a relatively small number of people such as an extended family, all inter‑related. When that family became serious farmers, and especially herders of cattle, the land was not as attractive for agriculture. That is what happened to the Bridtwisells in the Clough. They needed more agricultural land for their increasing family size and their livestock.

Picture above taken of the location of the village of Birtwistle by John Michael Birtwhistle family in 1992 with John Michael  Birtwhistle standing next to the stream.

Data Collection & Verification

The compiler of this book has only undertaken limited genealogical research, but has tried to verify the information given to him or the source from which he obtained his information with cross references. Most of the research has been done by other family members prior to this final draft or while it was being compiled. In order to protect family members against the possibility of them having incorrect information published about them and others as well as to verify the information submitted, copies of this book or of the submitted articles were sent out to family members that the compiler has had contact with. The submitters all have retained their own research material except for material that was obtained directly by the compiler or submitted to him in book or other form. Earlier versions were sent out for review and corrections were made based upon these reviews. The material was proof-read by both the computer for grammar and spelling errors as well as by individuals, but I am sure there are some errors that will be found. This finished book is accurate to the extent that family members have researched, hired researchers, and cooperated in the sharing of this information. The first book solely on our family was William A. Birtwistle‘s book, The Birtwistle Family 1200-1890 AD, first completed in 1989 and first published in early 1990. A Second Impression was published later in 1990 to incorporate the 1891 Census. Billy pointed out some assumptions that have been made based upon the records that were available at the time, especially relating to the descendants of Thomas Bridtwisell, b. abt. 1400 and George Birtwistle, b. abt. 1545. In this book, I have used Gap in Records Birtwistle to denote these situations. Also, the research of Michael Birtwistle which was done independently of William’s, but later shared with him before the publishing of his book shows Nicholas, 1400-1460, as the son of William, 1378-1445, whereas William’s book has them as brothers. Ray Aspden believes the parameters that Billy and he used would only point to Nicholas as being a brother if one assumes that there was an eldest son surviving and that he always inherited. Ray outlines his and Billy’s approach as follows:

The way we did it was to tabulate all the references to individuals, mainly from land deeds (principally the Dunkenhalgh Deeds which I transcribed and latterly the Clitheroe Court Rolls which Billy searched), and assembled them using any relationship information available, but mainly by allowing an average of 25 years per generation (i.e. 25 years between father and eldest surviving son). There has to be an assumption that there always was an eldest son and that he always inherited. On that basis Nicholas had to be a brother. It is not an exact science and I regret that the computer genealogies are so precise about dates of birth before the introduction of parish registers – until the mid 1500s the dates are plus or minus 10 years at best.

Mr. P. Stevens, the Rossendale antiquary, mentioned in Richard Ainsworth’s book, “The History & Associations of Altham & Huncoat”, published in 1932, compiled the pedigree of the Birtwistle family of Huncoat Hall which research appears to be the basis for the chapter in the Ainsworth book on The Birtwistle Family. Certain differences from such research and that contained in William’s book are noted in the family tree under each such individual. William does state at page 3 of his book,

From all the records searched, the writers are confident that the majority of the main family lines are correct in principle, but there are a few instances where the lineage is not proven and it would be dishonest not to point these out.

He goes on to mention the source of the family of Richard Birtwistle who settled at Loveclough in 1507. Also, he mentions the family at Dedwenclough and Haslingden before 1526. George Birtwistle and his wife Margaret received a deed for land at Dedwenclough, Wolfenden and Henheads from John Birtwistle in 1526, but John is not positively identified, but appears to be from the family of Piers Birtwistle of Huncoat. See page 4 in William’s book. The source of the family of Henry and Elizabeth Birtwistle of Aldenhall at Flaxmosse in the early 1600s is not fully proven. The family of Richard Birtwistle of Huncoat  (Baptized at Padiham. 1646) also is not fully proven. See page 4 of William’s book also.

The compiler also wants to note that there was no intent to embarrass anyone or publish any private information. The intent here is to publish facts based upon the best information available at the time this book was prepared and to provide family members not only with a family tree, but some insight as to the various occupations, emigrations and residences of various family branches, including female lines, with emphasis on non-United Kingdom branches and updating the tree from 1890 forward.

This book is also an attempt to give our present as well as future family members some knowledge of how extensive our family really is. The family has branches in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand that I know of presently. Where Billy’s book covers the UK family through the 1800s with very little pictures, I have tried to update the UK branches, add pictures as well as cover branches in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I have tried to show some of what this extensive family has provided to society in the Interesting Facts section. There are living individuals that will greatly increase this list with their accomplishments. 

This book is intended to have two parts; one will be a group of articles with many pictures about the family or various member branches of the family, the second part will be the actual tree in registry format to reduce the size and, I believe, make it easier to find ancestors as well as more facts about a person than would be on an ordinary tree. The second part will be made on a computer CD rather than in paper form to save costs. 

Corrections and Additions After Publication

Anyone can forward to the compiler any corrections and/or additions so that in later editions these items can be addressed. There are chains in William’s book that have not been connected. There is a substantial Birtwell connection that has not been made since we do not know which William to attach it to. William (Birtwell, Birtwhistle or Birtwistle) allegedly was born at Hull, England and married M. G. Houghs who was born in Pennsylvania, USA. Their children appear to be born after 1850. If anyone runs the family names on the internet, one will come up with an awful lot of people that are not on the tree even though some appear to have roots in the sections of Lancashire and Yorkshire that this family has. Corrections and/or additions can be submitted to L. Alan Birtwhistle (via comments below).

From the Internet, one can obtain some of the information from the family home page on the Family Tree Maker site: Birtwhistle

Any amendments to the hard copy as well as the tree were available on a CD at a cost to reimburse the compiler for the CD and postage. The book has been prepared using the commercially available computer program Family Tree Maker for the tree (as mentioned above, that tree is now been uploaded to this site and continues to be updated).

Supplemental Material

At the end of this book, there are some possible lines of the family for which no substantiated source has been found. One of these is a possible branch coming from Thomas Birdwistle (Birtwistle) the earliest known Birdwistle (Birtwistle) to come to the American Colonies, Maryland, in 1670. See an index of the early settlers of Maryland compiled from the Records of Land Patents at Annapolis, Maryland. Ib§ Earlv Settlers of Marvland, Swordas Gust, editor, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co., 1968. He may well be the Thomas Birtwistle, born 1638 to Richard and Mary Birtwistle and christened Thomas Birtewisle February 25, 1638 at Rothwell, Yorkshire, England.


This book is dedicated to William A. Birtwistle, Billy, the author of The Birtwhistle Family. 1200-1890 A. D., who compiled that book with assistance from many friends, researchers and relatives, including, but not limited to, Ray Aspden, a descendant of the Padiham family, Mrs. Betty Birtwhistle of the Gargrave family for her research into the Yorkshire families, Tony (R.W.A.) Birtwisle of Northwich for his work on the Cheshire families, and Gary Burton for his work on the Tottington and Elton branches of the Bury families. Ellen Chambers, a cousin, should also be credited with continuing to make Billy’s book available to family members and for finishing another book Billy was completing at the time of his death which book is mentioned below. Ms. Chambers has since also passed away.  

As stated on the rear cover of Billy’s book, BIRTWISTLE, A Family of East Lancashire Cotton Manufacturers, completed after his death by Ellen B. Chambers and published in 2001:

W.A. Birtwistle was the son of William Birtwistle, cotton manufacturer of Wharf Street Mill, Blackburn, and a great grandson of Micah Birtwistle, a leading textile manufacturer of nineteenth century Blackburn. Micah Birtwistle’s eldest son was the founder of William Birtwistle Allied Mills. After brief periods working at various mills in Blackburn and Preston, W. A. Birtwistle took a lease on Navigation Mill, Blackburn, in 1947. A small number of looms were installed to weave damasks and furnishing fabrics. The firm traded as W. A. Birtwistle (Damask) Limited. Between 1960-62 the business was transferred to Britannia Mill, Didsbury Street, Blackburn, where a waste spinning plant was added to the weaving machinery. The business subsequently became part of the Courtauld Group. W.A. Birtwistle continued as Managing Director until 1979 when Courtaulds closed the mill. After this date W. A. Birtwistle developed a great interest in family history,…

Billy’s interest in his family history resulted in his book, The Birtwistle Family 1200-1890 A.D. being published. And the rest, as people have a habit of saying, is history.

This is the best picture of William Birtwistle that I have found and as you can see, it is from a newspaper article relating to the publication of his book. (As I have said, William Birtwistle wrote another book that was completed by a distant cousin, Ellen Chambers, after his death, Birtwistle-A Family of East Lancashire Cotton Manufacturers.  Ms. Chambers has been kind enough to furnish me with a copy of the same.

John W. Birtwhistle had a brief visit with Billy, his spelling, in 1990 and follows is his recollection of this meeting:

In the late fall of 1990, my wife and I went to Europe on a two month’s vacation, accompanied by my wife’ sister, Betty Hamlin and her husband Jim Hamlin. Jim and I had already made two short trips to England trying to trace my Birtwhistle ancestors, in 1979 and 1980, and had connected with John Michael Birtwhistle and then Geoffrey Birtwhistle at that time in Halifax and Ovenden. That was as far as we got in the family line. Then, out of a clear California blue sky, a letter arrived from England that opened with,” Are you any relation of a Henry Birtwhistle who was born in England and emigrated to the United States in 1869? The letter was from Betty Hudgel Birtwhistle, who was working with Billy Birtwhistle on his family history book. She concentrated on the Yorkshire branch into which her late husband had been born. Our two families had been living parallel lives, unknown to each other, on both sides of the Atlantic. We had all been school teachers; her husband had been a navigator on a Lancaster bomber, flying in the RAP in WWII, and I had been a navigator on a B-29 bomber over Japan at the same time. There were three children in each family.

Betty made the arrangements for me to meet Billy, and to buy ten copies of his newly published book. Geoffery Birtwhistle made the arrangements for our week’s stay in a rented cottage, “Fell View”, near Bolton Abbey. We met Billy on a Tuesday for lunch in a country tavern near his home in Blackburn. He was there, sitting in the bar when we arrived. After lunch we took both cars as there were four in our party, and he gave us a tour around that part of Lancashire. I rode with him while my brother-in-law drove our rental car.

The first stop was at Huncote Hall. He knew the elderly couple who owned it then, so we got a tour of the inside as well. The owner’s son kept his horses in the stables and rented out space for other horses. The son also liked Jaguar cars and there were two old Jags abandoned close up to the rear of the hall. The couple had recently sold some acres for highway construction. They were living very frugally so perhaps some of the sale money went into the Jags. The next stop on the tour was the clough where Birdtwisell itself had been. It was amazing to see it almost as it looked over 800 years before, completely natural with no signs of any humans. Then he took us to see an old Tudor house of the vintage of Huncote when it was at the height of its glory.

The rest of the afternoon was around and along country roads to private boy’s schools, Clitheroe where all the ancient documents were signed ,sealed, and kept and miles of back-country roads to end up at the country estate of the Townley family. In Billy’s own words; “The Townley family have been the worst enemies of the Birtwistle family for hundreds of years, in and out of court”. He said this in anger, his usual smiling face contorted, for he took it very personally. Then we parted company, he westward to his home and we eastward to “Fell View”.

Following is a picture of the family of Betty Hudgell Birtwhistle, referred to above as Betty Birtwhistle, who was instrumental in researching the “h” branch of the family, the Yorkshire Birtwhistles.

Credit should also be given to:

Mr. P. Stevens, the Rossendale antiquary, mentioned in Richard Ainsworth’s book, The History & Associations of Altham & Huncoat, published in 1932 to whom Mr. Ainsworth thanks for compiling the pedigree of the Birtwistle family of Huncoat Hall which research appears to be the basis for the chapter in his book on The Birtwistle Family.

I want to thank William Alan Morton, Elaine Morton and her husband Neil, who assisted L. Alan Birtwhistle on his quest to search his branch of the family, the Birtwhistles in Yorkshire.

I also want to thank John W. Birtwhistle for his work in researching the Birtwhistle branch and the contribution of the articles in this book relating to the background, the Introduction, the Normans and pictures of Huncoat Hall about 1990, pictures at the approximate location of the Village of Bridtwesell, and pictures of the Birtwhistle branch that located to Englewood, New Jersey from England and most of which family relocated later to California.

Alec Bolton for his contributions to the tree and assistance in doing some proof reading.

John North for his contribution of the Margaret Anna Birtwhistle, b. 1847, New Zealand branch. John North not only contributed photos of the North and Holloway branch in New Zealand, but also made a copy of the 2000 edition of his family history book available for information and pictures.

John Michael Birtwhistle for details on the Halifax UK branch and additions. (John Michael Birtwhistle prepared the biography section on the Halifax branch.)

Hamish S. Maclaren, Simon Maclaren and Hugo Kirby who made contributions and additions to the tree with additional branches.

Janet Huige for her branch from Alice Birtwistle, b. 1829.

Sharon Oddie Brown submitted the addition of the Richard Birtwistle, Oddie, Brown branch.

Derek Andrew Birtwistle and Dennis Birtwistle submitted information on the Abel Birtwistle branch. Derek Andrew Birtwistle also submitted pictures contained in this book.

 David Sanford for the (Mary) Jane Birtwistle branch.

Grace Miller for supplemental branch information on the descendants of Jane Anne Birtwistle, b. 1836.

Kelly Laughlin for her branch from the research of her father, Donald H. Birtwistle and of her grandfather, John Etherington Birtwistle, including the Map of Blackburnshire dated 1311 showing the Village of Birtwistle.

Jayne Gamble for her work in filling in the branch of William Birtwistle, b. 1808.

Margaret Grinnell for submitting information on the William Henry Birtwhistle, b. 1846, branch.

Angela Riley contributed information for the Thomas Birtwistle, b. 1810, branch.

Allan Smith for descendants of Anthony Birtwhistle, b. 1815.

Pam Kirby contributed information for Ann Birtwistle, b. 1817, husband, William Fenton, b.1812.

Mark Potter for his research of his branch with documentation, pictures and family pictures together with pictures of the Barroclough Datestone recently installed at Huncoat.

Marianne Sheldon contributed research on brother-in-law’s family, our family.

Bill Roberts contributed information and a great number of early photos of the Riley branch in Australia.

Tim Crossley contributed information on Peter Birtwistle as well as other research.

 John Clayton for his contribution to the Jonathan Birtwistle, b. 1812, line.

Doris Morley for the Martin Luther Gill, b. 1767, line.

Pat Starling for descendants of Edith Birtwistle, b. 1884.

Elizabeth Kelly for descendants of Elizabeth Birtwistle, b. 1877.

Pauline Mark for descendants of Maggie Birtwistle, b. 1895.

Sue Christou for various research items.

William C. Boutwell for descendants of Joseph Naylor, b. 1824.

Scott Naylor for descendants of Joseph Naylor, b. 1824 as well as other children of Hannah Birtwistle, b. 1803 and John Naylor, b. 1803.           

Alan Boocock for change to Billy’s book on page 113 to correct the spouse of James Birtwistle, b. 1804 to Sarah Roscow from Sarah Whitaker after exhaustive research. He also made substantial contributions to this branch which is his line.

Carol Cooper for her contribution to the Mary Elizabeth Birtwistle-Joseph Baldwin line.

Ken Ranson and Mick Underwood for the John Birtwistle, b. Mar. 1845 line.

In the Introduction of Billy’s book, he states that” This little book is a serious study of the history and activities of the Birtwistle family which originated in Hapton and Huncoat, from the end of the twelfth century to the middle years of the nineteenth century, and it should be a useful guide for any members of the family to trace the history of their ancestors.” Billy is no longer with us, but his book is still available. This present book attempts to incorporate the actual tree that was so methodically researched in his book and to which more factual details have been added, some corrections have been made, many additional persons, branches and information has been added, in particular, relating to the overseas family. Prior to Billy publishing his book, a large amount of family history was researched by Michael Birtwistle, uncle of Hamish Maclaren, which information is also incorporated within that book and this. As previous stated, research on the Birtwistle family was also incorporated in an earlier book published in 1932, “The History & Associations of Altham & Huncoat”.

This book is not an attempt to duplicate Billy’s work, but to enlarge our knowledge of our family; to expand the tree by adding additional information, branches, updates and corrections and to provide a media in which additional information can be added as it becomes available, including, but not limited to, more information and pictures on the United Kingdom branches, Canadian branches, the United States branches, the New Zealand and Australian branches, the South African branch and additional branches as well as branches in other countries to which the family has emigrated. It is also hoped that this work shall continue as a work in progress.

Bob Birtwhistle provided some important information relating to the Coats of Arms. He provided two of the coat of arms shown in the article on Coats of Arms, the original and one for John Birtwhistle. Ray Aspden provided some of the information on the Coat of Arms in Billy’s book.

 It is still to be determined how to make this book and its information available to any family members that are interested. For those provided with this book, the only requirement is that as you obtain added information, you make that information available to the rest of the family.

Incorporated in this book are three pages relating to Huncoat Hall, a local map and the biography of Oliver Birtwistle, b. 1508, from Billy’s book. The sketches of Huncoat Hall contained on pages VI and VII of Billy’s book are based upon photos taken by Ray Aspden in 1989. As previously mentioned, the pictures of the present, about 1990, views of the site of the original village of Bridtwisell and Huncoat Hall were taken by John W. Birtwhistle and 2001 pictures were taken by Derek Andrew Birtwistle. John Musnicki Jr. made the family coat of arms contained in this book for Alan from copies. Copies of the other Coats of Arms were supplied by Bob Birtwhistle and L. Alan Birtwhistle. Pictures were submitted by Mark A. Potter on the Barrowclough Datestone. Ray Aspden took the photo on which the Maids Morton grave slab sketch at page 162 in Billy’s book is based.

It is highly suggested that you also try to obtain a copy of Billy’s books that contains a lot more information and details about the various early family members and the geographical areas in the United Kingdom in which the family lived, what was going on at the various times when the early family members were living as well as a breakdown of the various local branches of the family by geographic area. You can therefore actually go to see the areas where your roots came from. Huncoat Hall still exists. Although it has been reduced and greatly altered over the years.

To obtain a copy of William Birtwistle’s book, the latest information I have is to contact

Mrs. J. R. Hartley, 93 Plantation Street, Accrington, Lancashire BB5 6RT, England or the printer: Caxton Printing, e-mail  

As has been previously stated, it is intended that this work be a continuing directory, an encyclopedia and a biography of the Birtwistle family as well as a picture history of our family. Billy’s original book only touches the surface of all the Birtwistle descendant’s out there. Some of the more well know members of the family who are still living are not yet on the tree. Where applicable, I have included web addresses as well as other histories available.

I apologize if I have left any contributors or contributions out. Just let me know. I have not created a data base.

I must also thank my wife, Martha, for her patience and encouragement. I thank my three daughters, Lisa, Chris and Jennifir as well as my son-in-law Francis King who got me started on this project over twelve years ago. It has taken me a lot longer than I anticipated.

Some Interesting Facts

As of June 10, 2006, there are 10354 people on the tree I compiled. There are 1410 different surnames listed in the tree data. There are also 2673 marriages listed during this period, 1160 until June 10, 2006. This period also covers 31 generations of the family.

 The name has been spelled many ways over the years. Some more predominant spellings are: Bridtwisell, Bridtwesell, Brydtwisell, Brydtwesell, Birtwistle, Bertwistle, Burtwistle, Birdwistle, Birtwhistle, Bertwhistle, Burtwhistle, Birdwhistle & Birtwell. Sometimes the name is spelled differently in the same family. Our cousin, John W. Birtwhistle, had found 112 ways to spell our family name from published records. I noted that Birtwell was not one of these variations, but evidence shows that, in deed, there are Birtwell lines that are a branch of the family.

The earliest record is of Ralph (Rolph?) born 1160 A.D. in the Village of Briddestwysel. The earliest family members appear to be farmers.

In my reading on history, I found some very interesting facts that I did not know of people living a thousand years ago in our section of England. A lot of these facts come from one book entitled, The Year 1000, What Life Was Like At The Turn Of The First Millennium-An Englishman’s World, by Robert Lacy and Danny Daniziger, Little, Brown and Company. Based upon the skeletal remains of burials from that period, most people were of our height. It was during the middle ages when the population had grown and there were diseases, famines and insufficient food supplies to support the growing population that people actually shrank in size. The skull measurements of this period a thousand years ago shows that peoples’ brains were the same size as our own. Over ninety percent of the people lived in the country side where people were well spread out and people therefore had to be self-sufficient. Their religion was very important to their lives. There were just the beginnings of poetry and stories being written down since the people relied more on the oral tradition of passing on stories by word of mouth. Although their clothes were rough and primitive by our standards, the colors were bright with reds, greens, browns and yellows. Most of the present towns and villages were settled by this period. The English language arrived also by way of the waves of Anglo-Saxons, (Angles, Saxons and Jutes being the predominate of these peoples). The Anglo-Saxons that had populated most of England by this time knew there were three continents, Europe, Africa and Asia. To the native peoples, the Celts and the Britons, all these invaders were referred to as Saxons.

Reyner, born about 1185, and his brother, Adam, born 1195, were the first family members to have used a last name, de Bridtwisell, or similar spelling.

John de Bridtwisell, born 1240, was the last to live in the village Bridtwisell.

William de Bridtwisell, born 1275, was the first of our family to occupy Huncoat (Huncote) Hall.

Our family occupied Huncoat (Huncote) Hall for 482 years.

The Richard de Bridtwisell, b. 1305, family was the last to use the old spelling, thereafter, the  family name became Birtwistle.

John de Bridtwisell, b. 1340, appears to be the first verified clergyman, a chaplain.

Nicholas Bridtwisell (Birtwistle), b. 1396, could be either the younger brother of Richard or Richard’s son, but, he did come into title of Huncoat Hall.

William Birtwistle, b.1430, was Vicar of Kildwick.

Richard Birtwistle, b. 1485, first recorded Constable.

John Birtwistle, b.1490, second recorded Constable.

Oliver (Byrtwesell) Birtwistle, b. 1508, had a Coat of Arms granted to him which can be used by all his direct descendants. See a facsimile at the beginning of this book. The Coat of Arms contains three weasels, yes, three weasels. and a turbot, a local river fish, which in the 16th century was called a “birt”. The Tudors loved puns.

Oliver Birtwistle, b. abt 1536, first recorded to have a college education.

Richard Birtwistle, b. 1560, first known to use an alias, Hey.

Robert Birtwhistle, b. abt.1570, was the first to have the “h” added to the name when a records keeper at Skipton added the “h” into the Skipton Parish Church records although the family has been in Yorkshire from probably the mid 1400s. Thereafter this branch was known as the “h” line. Skipton is the main town in the Craven District of Yorkshire. Skipton is Anglo-Viking and means sheep farm. Skipton’s main feature is a castle dating from Norman times.  The Craven area was inhabited by Ancient Britons in Anglo-Saxon times. The name Craven comes from the Welsh or Celtic word Craf meaning garlic which still grows wild in the area. Craven was one of the Celtic (Welsh) speaking kingdoms in ancient Britain.  

James Birtwistle, b.1627, and his brother, John, b.1623, both trained for the priesthood.

Henry Birtwistle, b.1662, and his brother, John, b.1664, started the Quaker branch of the family.

John Birtwistle, b. 1695, family settled at Billington.

James Birtwistle, b. 1701, family settled at Dean and Cliff, Great Harwood.

John Birtwistle, b.1703, had name changed to Birtwell and this was the family of Wesleyans or Methodists.

John Birtwistle, b.1715, was nicknamed “The Drover” because he bought cattle in Scotland and fed, fattened and drove the cattle south and sold them to butchers who traveled to him to buy the same. He appears to be the first family member to amass a fortune.

William Birtwistle, b. 1728, Weaver of Windybanks.

Alexander Birtwhistle, b. 1750, befriended Robert Burns and the Birtwistle family is mentioned in several of Burns’ poems. He also established a cotton merchandising business in Scotland with the aid of his father.

John Bertwistle, b. 1780, and Daniel born Bertwistle, 1813, had name changed back to Birtwistle.

David Birtwistle, b. 1791, Farmer and Calico Printer of Great Harwood.

John Mercer, b 1791, Justice of Peace and inventor of “mercerized silk”.

Thomas Birtwhistle, b.1802, family name became Birdwhistle after settling in Manchester.

William Burton Birtwhistle, b.1812, was first recorded medical doctor.

In the early 1800s, Birtwistle Village still existed, see Registry entry for James Birtwell, b.1813.

Robert Birtwistle, b. 1803, changed name to Birtwell, including his children.

John Burton Birtwistle, b.1803, Canon of York , Vicar of Beverley and then Bishop of Beverly, 2nd only to the Archbishop of York in hierarchy of Church of England.

William Birtwistle, b. 1808, Cotton Manufacturer of Blackburn.

David Taylor, husband of Elizabeth Birtwistle, b. 1812, Cotton Manufacturer of Blackburn.

Thomas Birtwhistle, b. 1816, shoemaker.

John Birtwistle, b. 1822, was first recorded toy maker and thereafter, John Birtwistle, b. 1846, was a toy maker.

Moses Birtwistle, b. 1822, was a Cotton Manufacturer of Great Harwood.

Bradshaw Birtwistle, b. 1831, Cotton Manufacturer of Accrington.

Robert Birtwistle, b. 1831, emigrated to Australia.

George Birtwell, b.1836, life assurance agent in 1871 and in 1881 is confectioner of Rossendale.

John Birtwistle, b. 1838, was a Brewer later in life.

William Birtwistle, b. 1840, founded “Broad bents of Southport”.

George Birtwell, b.1850, gardener

James Jeffrey Birtwell, b.1853, was Station Master of Great Harwood.

Arthur Birtwistle, b. 1853, was a Cotton Manufacturer of Great Harwood.

Alfred Birtwistle, b. 1857, was a Cotton Manufacturer of Great Harwood.

James Henry Birtwistle, b. 1859, had a family of grocers in Haslingden, Cowpe and Waterfoot.

Edwin Harold Bertwistle, b.1869, emigrated to Australia.

Joseph Birtwistle, b. 1864, was an Engineer of Sykeside and Herbert Sharp Birtwell, b. 1866,             was an Engineer also.

Alfred Bertwistle, b.1873, settled in South Africa.

Edwin Birtwhistle, b. 1874, wife Louisa C. Phillips, emigrated to Indiana in the USA and established the Indiana branch of the family.

Herbert Jerningham Birtwistle, b.1881, settled in New Zealand in 1912.

William Bernard North, b. 1876, moved to New Zealand about 1895.

Percy Birtwhistle, b. 1882, was a Medical Doctor.

John W. Birtwhistle, b. 1882, and his family were Salvation Army people.

William A. Birtwistle, b.1884, founded the W.A.Birtwistie Box Manufacturers.

William Birtwistle, b. 1884, Chairman of Birtwistle & Fielding Co., Ltd. and J A Leight Co., Ltd.

Harry Birtwhistle, b.1885, settled in Quebec, Canada.

Cyril Birtwhistle, b. 1887, was an accountant.

James Birtwistle, b. 1888, Organist at Stonyhurst College and St. Wilfred’s Church, Preston.

Benjamin Birtwistle, b.1895, settled in Tasmania, Australia.

James Astley Birtwistle, b. 1889, Educator, Cheltenham World Tour and Managing Director and part owner of the Grange and Great Harwood Mills of Birtwistle & Fielding Co., Ltd.

Ambrose Birtwell, b.1900, settled in the USA.

In 1891, there was a Birtwistle Street in Accrington, UK.

Richard William Birtwistle, b.1900, was a sales director of a local weaving company who supplied all furnishing fabrics to Cunard for the RMS Queen Mary in 1936.

Albert Birtwistle, b. 1894, was Managing Director and part owner J & A Leight Co., Ltd.

Norman Birtwistle, b. 1896, was a Lieutenant in the 19th (Queen Alexandra’s Own Royal) Hussars.

Albert Birtwell, b. 1906, was an ice cream maker of Hill House, Huncoat.

John Harrison Birtwistle, b. 1915, had a family of well known Rugby players.

John F. Birtwhistle, b.1916, first verified veterinarian. He was also a college associate of James Herriot who wrote” Creatures Great and Small”.

Mary Theresa Birtwistle, b. 1916, ATS Major as well as Lady in Waiting to Princesses of Luxembourg and Mary’s husband Patrick Pritchard, b. 1915, was a Barrister.

Hazel Brooks Skilling, b. 1917, Canadian Customs Officer/Stenographer and then Registered Nurses Aide

Clifford Birtwell, b.1918, settled in Australia.

Ernest Birtwistle, b. 1918, Engineer and well known singer at Oswaldwistle.

Denys Birtwhistle, b.1918, was a dentist.

David Birtwhistle, b. 1918, was an accountant.

Michael Albert Astley Birtwistle, b. 1920, elected High Sheriff of Lancashire, 1978-79.    

Arthur Birtwhistle, b. 1871, was a journalist and about 1920 he became Secretary to the Lord Mayor of Bradford and was also a talented organist. In 1939, he changed his name to Arthur Wilson.

Edmund Frederick Astley Birtwistle, b. 1924 married Patricia (Countessa) Beveridge.

David William Astley Birtwistle, b. 1926, was a Captain in the Royal Horse Guards (The Blues) and served at the Nuremberg Trials, Duke of Lancashire Yeomanry.

Anthony Gerard Astley Birtwistle, b. 1928, married Diana Barnewell whose father was Charles Aloysius Barnewell, the 19th Baron of Trimlestown.

Michael Dickenson, b. 1950, is a Champion Trainer.

Isobel Raine Birtwhistle, b.1974, , is a professional actress living in London and her brother Guy Maxwell Birtwhistle, b. 1971, is a professional actor living in Hollywood, Ca.

James Harold Birtwhistle, b.1941, was a certified public accountant.

William Henry Birtwhistle, b.1946, is a medical doctor, a Pediatrician.

Simon Stephen David Maclaren, b. 1950, is a Chartered Accountant.

Harry Bolton, b. 1928, was a Police Constable.

Kristin Birtwhistle, b.1955, is a civil engineer.

John Steven Birtwhistle, b.1958, is a wine maker.

Sharon Oddie Brown, b. 11/8/1946, is a published author.

John Fred Sanford played professional baseball with the St. Louis Browns and the NY Yankees among others. Barristers, Solicitors & Attorneys

Robert Burton Birtwhistle, 1806, appears to be the first English solicitor in the family, also Charles Birtwhistle, b. 1843 was a Solicitor, James Edward Birtwell, b. 1877, was a Solicitor of Nelson and L. Alan Birtwhistle, b.1936, appears to be the first attorney in the USA.  John E. Studarus, husband of Linda Birtwhistle, graduated from the University of California at Davis Law School to become an attorney.

The family has and has had many verified military personnel other than those already mentioned:

Thomas Birtwhistle, b. 1766, soldier of Shrewsbury;

John Dixon Birtwhistle, b.1792, Major General in the Allied Army in the Napoleonic Wars;

John Birtwhistle, b. 1799, Ensign, 32nd Foot Soldiers wounded on 6/16/1815 at the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleonic Wars;

Henry Thomas Birtwhistle, b. 1872, was a Corporal in the Spanish-American War;

Morrel B. Birtwhistle, b.1896, was owner of Birtwhistle & Livingston, a large insurance and real estate agency in Englewood, N.J. that still exists without any Birtwhistle or Livingston and who was the first man drafted from Englewood, NJ in the First World War serving in the 29th Division between 9/5/1917 and 5/21/1919, returning home as a 1st Lieutenant on the SS Manchuria; Albert Bertwistle, b. 1898, well known World War I veteran;

Thomas Morton Birtwhistle, b. 1910, was a navigator of a RAF Lancaster bomber over Germany during WW II;

Richard Staunton Diament, b.1914, was a California State Senate Administrative Assistant and during World War II was a gunnery officer;

Mary Theresa Birtwistle, b. 1915, Major in Nursing, Guys Regiment-ATS;

Ian Garnet Maclaren, b. 1915, Wing Commander, RAF, Lt. Col. Then became electrical engineer;

James Leslie Sudders, b. 1921, served in Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve and died on active duty. Remembered with honor.

Ralph Allan Hutte, b. 1932, served in US Air Force during World War II as a gunner completing over 50 missions and in the Korean conflict in the Intelligence Division.

Bruce Curtis Harkness, b.1934, was a US Navy carrier fighter pilot during the Viet Nam War and later an Airline pilot;

Richard Connor Birtwhistle, b. 1915, who was a was a music librarian for the US National Broadcasting Company before the War, went in at Omaha Beach on D-Day in World War II and later as a machinist helped assemble the first outer planets space probe for NASA;

Michael Albert Astley Birtwistle, b. 1920, Lieutenant, E. Lancs. Regt, Lancers, Lt. Col. of 6th Gurka’s Para. & Hon. Col of Duke of Lancashire’s Yeomanry, became High Sheriff of Lancashire in 1978;

John W. Birtwhistle, b. 1922, was a navigator on a B-29 bomber flying over 35 missions over Japan in WW II and was recalled in the Korean War for Air-Sea Rescue out of Panama ending with the rank of Major; two of the South African Birtwhistles joined the RAF in WW II and were killed in the Battle of Britain;

James Edward Diament, b. 1947, fought in Vietnam with the US Marines;

Simon Stephen David Maclaren, b. 1950, Lieutenant, 15 (Scottish) Volunteer Bn., Parachute Regt. Then an accountant;

Mark Derek Astley Birtwistle, b. 1953, Lieutenant in Irish Guards;

Francis Edward King II, b.1966, is a US Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer;

Canon Frederick Riley, one of the first, if not the first, chaplains in the Royal Australian Navy; Vera Christine North, b. 1917 was a nurse VAD;

Margaret Anna North, b. 1906, served in the Queen Alexandra’s’ Nursing Corps;

Jacob Birtwhistle also served.

 The family also had and has several other members involved in police work, including:

Harry Bolton, b. 4/25/1928, Police Constable;

James Edward Diament, b.1947, Police Officer Investigator; and

Richard Arnold Harkness, b.1937, his cousin was an officer with the California Highway Patrol.

There are quite a few of Medical professionals in the family besides those previously mentioned including:

Margaret Anna North Spurr, b. 1906, served in the Queen Alexandra’s Nursing Corps.

George Birtwhistle, b. 1914;

Christopher John Holloway North, b. 1957;

Mary Dumville North, b. 1914;

Jean Annetta Watson, b. 1913; and

Nicola Henri North, b. 1950.

The family had several politicians, examples are:

Richard Birtwistle, b. 1485, Constable of Huncoat, then Greave of Huncoat & Accrington; George Birtwistle, b. 1495, Greave of the Old Hold of Accrington ( Greave was predecessor of Town Clerk);

John Birtwistle, b.1520, Greave of Huncoat & Accrington then Constable of Byrtwissel;

Henry Birtwhistle, b. 1864, City Councilman of Englewood, NJ;

Hezekiah Birtwhistle, b.1866, City Assessor and then Street Commissioner and Mayor of Englewood, NJ;

Thomas Carlyle Birtwhistle, b. 1883, City Auditor;

Ann Ruth Birtwhistle, b.1919, Mayor of Alameda, California,

Thomas Birtwhistle, b. 1890, Wilfred Ashton Town Councilor;

John Thomas Birtwistle, b. 1886, Town Clerk, Mansfield, UK;

William Henry Birtwistle, b.1852, was the Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand;

William Henry Birtwistle, b. 1883, Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand; and

Phillip North Holloway, b. 1917, Member of Parliament, Cabinet Minister and Diplomat (in and for New Zealand).

In 1936, the Englewood, NJ Post Office had four (4) Birtwhistles working there as letter carriers: Henry Edward, b.1872, John Thomas b.1875 who finally retired in 1938, Henry Donald, b. 1900, Lester Hamilton, b. 1905.

A previous Post Master of the Englewood Post Office was Thomas Carlyle Birtwhistle, b.1883.

We had another Post Master, Alfred Bertwistle, b. 1839, Post Master of Sabden.

The family has or has had a lot of teachers and teachers’ aides:

Edward Birtwistle, b. abt. 1659, Professor of Philosophy at Douay College;

John Birtwistle, b. 1755, was a school teacher of Heapclough;

John Luther Bertwistle, b. 1861, School Master of Appleby, but that drove him to be a Brewer; Dorothy Birtwhistle, b.1881, was a teacher at a private school and taught Queen Elizabeth II; Thomas Morton Birtwhistle, b. 1910, and his wife Betty Hudgell Birtwhistle, b. 1922 were teachers;

Norman Birtwistle, b. 1911, Military Instructor at Rossa School;

John W.Birtwhistle, b.1922, is a retired high school teacher;

Ida Mae Robins, b.1925, is a high school commercial teacher;

Barbara Ann Birtwhistle, b.1949, is an aide;

Dorothy Ellen Diament, b. 1950, is a teachers aide;

Linda Birtwhistle, b.1952, is an elementary school teacher;

David LeFevre, b.1961, is an assistant principal of a Virginia elementary school and his wife Lisa Anne (Birtwhistle) LeFevre, b.1962, is a kindergarten teacher and a reading specialist; and

Juliet Rosemary Clarke nee North, b. 1951, is an itinerant teacher of the deaf and intellectually impaired.

The clergy is well represented in several faiths. These include, in addition to those previously mentioned, but should not be limited to, Rev. Henry North and Canon Frederick Riley   

The family home, Huncoat Hall, is also mentioned under HUNCOAT HALL AND ACCRINGTON TOWN HALL: Quotation from North Lancashire,  Buildings of England Seriesby Nicholas Pevsner, Page 44 Accrington Town Hall (1857-1858) Architects, Green & T. Birtwhistle- “a remarkably dignified building”. 1 5/8 m NE of Huncoat- Huncoat Hall- “The house is irregular, and has some windows with arched lights, but there is more to it. A pre-Reformation hall and chapel possibly, also some priest holes-an investigation ought to be made.” 

Table of Contents


Introduction-Why A Family History                                                                

  • Background History
  • Celts
  • Romans
  • Saxons
  • Map of Anglo-Saxon England about 830 AD
  • Vikings
  • Normans
  • Map of Blackburnshire, 1311-source unknown
  • One Man’s Opinion
  • Early Mention of Bridtwisell in Birtwistle Family-several contributors
  • Diagram of East Lancashire & West Yorkshire from William Birtwistle’s Book with notations

Huncoat Hall                                                                                                              

  • Ordnance Map locating Huncoat and Huncoat Hall 
  • Huncoat Hall-hillside photos 
  • Huncoat Hall- Early Years                                                                             
  • Sketch of Huncoat Hall, about 1650 from Birtwistle Book 
  • Notice of Sale, 1797
  • Sketches of Huncoat Hall in 1797                                                                 
  • Huncoat Hall- Later Years                                                                             
  • Sketch of Huncoat Hall, 1990 -some of earlier architectural features pointed out
  • Photos of Huncoat Hall, 1990                                                                        
  • Photos of Huncoat Hall, 1990, chapel corner                                                
  • Photos, 1990, Huncoat Hall                                                                           
  • Photos, 1990, Huncoat Hall-Tudor privy and old brick hearth
  • Photos, 1990, Huncoat Hall-showing original beams and cross
  • Photo, 2001, Huncoat Hall                                                                             
  • Photo, 2001, Huncoat Hall                                                                             
  • Photo, 2001, Huncoat Hall                                                                             
  • Photo, 2001, Huncoat Hall                                                                             
  • Photo, 2002, Huncoat Hall                                                                             
  • Aerial photo of Huncoat Hall                                                                          

Coat of Arms                                                                                                            

  • Reproduction by The Heritage Research Center                                         
  • Reproduction by The Hall of Names, Inc.                                                     
  • Coat of Arms from Birtwistle book                                                                 
  • Reproduction from another source                                                               
  • Another Coat of Arms                                                                                    
  • John Birtwhistle coat of arms                                                                        
  • Barroclough coat of arms                                                                      
  • Article on finder of Barroclogh coat of arms, Jim Ashton
  • Barroclough coat of arms and plaque wall                                        

Biographies by John W. Birtwhistle

  •  Reyner de Bridtwesell and Richard of Huncoat (Huncote)                 
  • Richard Birtwistle II                                                                                        
  • Ann Starkie of Symonstone                                                                           
  • Oliver Birtwistle of Huncoat Hall                                                                    
  • Richard Birtwistle III                                                                                       
  • Margaret Lowde of Gisburn and Robert Birtwistle of Calton
  • Richard Birtwistle IV and Richard Birtwistle V 
  • John Birtwhistle                                                                                              
  • Alexander Birtwhistle, Ann Smith of Giggleswick &    Hezekiah Birtwhistle     
  • Picture of Low Green House                                                                         
  • Mary Bleasdale and her picture                                                                     

Annie Jones

  • Picture of Annie Jones father John                                                              

Annie Jones picture

  • Pictures of Annie Jones and Henry Birtwhistle family  
  • Picture of Henry Birtwhistle Family                                                                

Hezekiah Birtwhistle III

  • Henry Birtwhistle                                                                                            
  • Picture of Henry Birtwhistle                                                                           
  • Picture of 166 W. Palisade Ave., Englewood, NJ                                          
  • Picture Henry Birtwhistle Sr.                                                                          
  • Henry Edward Birtwhistle (Harry) with picture
  • Picture of John and Henry E. Birtwhistle in Postal uniforms
  • Mary Elizabeth Birtwhistle                                                                              
  • Picture of Thomas Birtwhistle                                                                        
  • Thomas Carlyle Birtwhistle                                                                            
  • Morrell Birtwhistle                                                                                           
  • Helen Dorothy Birtwhistle                                                                             
  • Picture-Birtwhistle plot in Brookside Cemetery, Englewood, New Jersey
  • Pictures of family of John W. Birtwhistle                                                        
  • Pictures of Henry E. Birtwhistle descendants

The Family of John T. Birtwhistle                                                                              

  • Picture of John Thomas’ family 1915                                                             
  • Picture of Lester H. & Dorothy V. Birtwhistle 1934 
  • Picture of John T. Birtwhistle family in Maine            
  • More pictures of family in Maine                                                                    
  • Picture of Thomas C. Birtwhistle                                                                   
  • Picture of Birtwhistles in Englewood, NJ Post Office in 1936 
  • Picture of Lester H. Birtwhistle with his mother in front of
  • Dumont, NJ house                                                                         
  • Picture of house John T. Birtwhistle, Henry Yerger and Lester H.
  • Birtwhistle built at 92 Reis Avenue, Englewood, NJ          
  • Picture of L. Alan Birtwhistle with John T. Birtwhistle at Alan’s high
  • School graduation in 1954                                                          
  • News article upon Lester H. Birtwhistle retiring from
    • Englewood Post Office
    • Picture of Alan & Martha’s three daughters: Chris, Lisa & Jennifir   
    • Picture of Alan & Martha’s four grandchildren in 2002 
    • Pictures of three soccer playing grandchildren 2004 with son-in-laws                                                                        
    • Pictures of oldest grandson Shayne 2004                                        
    • Pictures of Martha & Alan with & without grandchildren              
  • The Birtwhistle Family in Halifax with pictures by John Michael Birtwhistle
    • Thomas Birtwhistle                                                                            
    • Picture of typical 18th Century track                                                  
    • Picture of Shibden Hall                                                                       
  • Rowland Birtwhistle                                                               
    • Picture of Halifax Parish Church                                                       
  • Thomas Birtwhistle b.1737                                                       
    • Contemporary Illustration of Piece Hall                 
    • William Birtwhistle b. 1777                                                                  
    • Crown Street Halifax in 1800                                                             
    • Square Independent Chapel
    • William Birtwhistle b. 1809 
    • Woolshops sketch and Plug Riots sketch 
    • Picture of Salterhebble
    • Joseph Priestley Birtwhistle b. 1836                                                 
    • Halifax Town Hall and picture of Joseph Priestley Birtwhistle   
    • William Birtwhistle b. 1870 and picture
    • William in his shop and William with friends in 1896
    • Picture of William and family in 1916                                                  
    • Robert William Birtwhistle b. 8 Jan. 1900
    • Pictures of Robert in uniform             
    • Pictures of Robert aged 30 and with wife Lily
    • Picture of Robert in Germany 
    • Picture of Lily on deck of Queen Mary-1936
    • Pictures of Robert & Lily’s son John
    • Picture of Robert, son John and grandson Guy in background
    • Picture of family of John Michael Birtwhistle

From Riches to Rags 

  • Picture of Ann Birtwistle 1949                                                                        
  • The Diary
  • Conclusion

Life in Lancashire and Immigration to North-West Canada-Forward  

  • Memories of Frank Birtwistle Jr 
  • Pictures of Frank Birtwistle’s family, Uncle Frank Jr. and Aunt Irene
  • Pictures of Rochdale and Frank Birtwistle’s family
  • Map showing location of Rochdale
  • The Birtwistles of Rochdale
  • The 1898-1899 Period
  • Copy of testimonial letter for Frank Birtwistle
  • Pictures of Crossfield Place and St. Chad’s Parish Anglican Church
  • Wesleyan Methodist Church Membership ticket
  • Front of Manitoba, Canada pamphlet
  • Picture of a Colonist Railroad car
  • Pictures of Main St. Moose Jaw, and CPR Railroad Yard
  • Picture of Assoc. with Frank Birtwistle, Sr., President of International
  • Assoc. of Machinists
  • Picture of John Etherington Birtwistle
  • Picture of Donald Henry Birtwistle submitted by Kelly Laughlin

Family of Henry North & Margaret Anna Birtwhistle- Information from John North

  • Pictures of Henry North, Margaret Ann Birtwhistle, William Burton North
  • Pictures of St. Michael and All Angels Church in Wentnor
  • Pictures of Rev. Henry North
  • Pictures of Margaret Brenda North and William Bernard North
  • Picture of Mary Christine North and William Bernard North 
  • Picture of Margaret North’s grave stone
  • Picture of Annetta Charlotte Dumville Holloway wedding to  
  • William Bernard North 1905
  • Map of New Zealand showing Nelson and other places mentioned in the article 
  • Map of Nelson area and of Boscobel with William Bernard North on horse
  • Picture of William Bernard North family
  • Picture of Bernard and Annetta’s family about 1914-1915
  • Picture of Bernard on his 80th birthday with his grandchildren
  • Picture of Margaret Anna Spurr
  • Picture of Henry Holloway & Audrey North’s children
  • Picture of Henry Holloway North family
  • Picture of North Group at Boscobel North family reunion 1995 
  • Picture of Holloway Group at North family reunion at Boscobel 1995
  • Picture of whole family at reunion in 1995
  • Picture of John, Ruth & Meghann North 2005

The Descendants of William Riley and Susanna Birtwistle by Bill Roberts

  • Picture of William Riley with mother Betty Riley-1857
  • Pictures of 47 Preston Old Road, Witton, Lancashire in 1922 and 2000 
  • Pictures of William Riley and Susanna Birtwistle-1922 
  • Picture of Keble College
  • Picture of St. Mark’s Church, Witton                                                             
  • Pictures of Frederick and Alice Riley-1896 and Alice about 1901
  • Picture of Alice Riley’s (nee Howarth) family-1890
  • Picture of Frederick and Alice’s family-1905 before they left for Australia
  • Picture taken on boat to Tasmania
  • Pictures of St. Mark’s Church, Deloraine, Tasmania -2000
  • Picture of Jesse & Louise Riley-1906
  • Pictures of Fred conducting services
  • Pictures of Fred in Royal Australian Navy 1913-1915
  • Pictures of HMAS Australia in 1913-1914
  • Picture of Invitation from wife of Prime Minister of Australia to the Riley’s
  • Picture of Rileys at Jarvis Bay
  • Picture of the ladys of the Fred Riley family
  • Pictures at Jarvis Bay
  • Pictures of Walcha Parish Church and Fred
  • Pictures of Fred and Fred’s Model “A”
  • Pictures of Lois in early 1920s
  • Picture of the “Deanery” 
  • Pictures of Fred at Walcha and the school the girls attended
  • Pictures on ANZAC Day in 1920s and visit with US Navy sailors
  • Pictures of Canon Fred Riley at St. Mary’s
  • Pictures of Lois and Charley Bush, Lois with her dogs
  • Picture  of Jessie with her twins
  • Pictures of Canon Fred, St. Mary’s and Lois with tennis group
  • Picture of Canon Fred in Samoa 1937
  • Picture of Family group at Epping at Christmas 1938
  • Picture of Alice & Fred at Manly 1938
  • Picture of Bushes at “Ferndale” 1943
  • Picture of Alice’s grave at Woronora Cemetery 1946
  • Picture of Altar at St. Peter’s Cathedral showing candle sticks and cross dedicated in memory of Alice Louise Riley
  • Picture of Fred and relatives in 1951
  • Picture of Amy Riley, Ada Riley and Canon Fred in Armidale in 1955
  • Pictures of Noosa Beach and Bill Roberts, wife Pam and son Andrew In 2004
  • Picture of Bill and Pam’s daughter Sally and husband Rhys
  • Picture of Bill and Pam’s son Andrew and Melinda (Mel) 
  • Pictures of Pam & Bill in Scotland
  • Pictures of Pam receiving teaching award
  • Picture of Laguna Bay, Australia and Bill Robert’s homepage

Descendants of Jane Ann Birtwhistle- Information from Grace Miller

  • Miller’s Immigrate
  • About the Donald McKay
  • Picture and specs of the ship, The Donald McKay
  • Pictures of Sandhurst, a gold-rush town in Australia
  • Miller’s in Queensland
  • Document copies of hospital records
  • Copies of Police Records
  • Map area in Australia relating to family
  • Picture of Alfred Miller grave stone
  • Picture of Grace Miller

Looking For Peter Birtwistle

  • Introduction
  • Historical Background
  • Some of Peter’s correspondence                                                                  
  • The Trust
  • Newspaper reports
  • Mary Ann Dazzled by Ancestor’s bequest
  • Legacy
  • Plaque 

Picture History of John George Birtwistle Family

  • Pictures of Ellen Birtwistle, James Arthur Twigg family & James with his band
  • Picture of Richard and Edith Twigg
  • Picture of James with daughters Patricia and Sandra
  • Picture of daughters Sandra, Denise and Patricia

Picture of Patricia and James, her father, on her wedding day 1957

  • Picture of Patricia and Alan’s first home                                                        
  • Picture of James with daughter Sandra on her wedding dayPicture of Denise with mother Eileen
  • Picture of Denise, Sandra and Patricia in 1999
  • Picture of Alan & Patricia’s family at EPCOT at Disney World 1997
  • Picture of Patricia and Alan on Alan’s 65th birthday 2000
  • Picture of James and Eileen in late 1970s or early 1980s

The Family of Elizabeth Birtwistle and Richard Mayor

  • Picture of Richard & Elizabeth’s wedding                                                      
  • Pictures of Judge Walmsey Pub                                                                   
  • Picture of Richard Mayor
  • Pictures of Bulls Head Pub 2003 and Park Hotel
  • Pictures of Park Hotel 2003
  • Picture of Richard’s football team
  • Pictures of Dr. Syntax Public House and 32 Waterloo Terrace
  • Picture of Elizabeth Birtwistle Mayor
  • Picture of Alfred Birtwistle, Elizabeth’s brother, in uniform

Some Descendants of Agnes Bertwistle

  • Picture of Turton Tower 2001
  • The line of Agnes Bertwistle to John Mayoh and Betty Orrel
  • Picture of Orrell Fold
  • William Mayoh
  • James Corden Mayoh
  • Picture of James Corden Mayoh, aged about 2
  • The Engineers
  • Picture of Brighton Palace Pier 1891-1899
  • Picture of Eric, Karl and father Arthur Mayoh
  • Picture of Arthur Mayoh

Bertwistles in the Bathroom

  • Picture of three photos of family
  • Charles Houghton and Eliza Birtwistle
  • Picture of Eliza Birtwistle
  • 1881 British Census
  • Samuel Birtwistle and Mary Woodcock

Pictures of Samuel Birtwistle and Mary Woodcock

  • Second Generation
  • 1880 Census
  • Third Generation
  • Fourth Generation
  • Fifth Generation
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B Last Will of Samuel Birtwistle

A Typical Tragedy

Picture Gallery                                                                                                    

  • Family of Dennis Birtwistle
  • Children of William & Ruth Ann Birtwhistle
  • Distant Cousins Continents Apart
  • Family of Albert & Ann Mary Birtwistle
  • Family of L. Alan & Martha Birtwhistle 2005
  • Family of Charles Birtwhistle (1843-1914)

Looking For a Family Association

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