Descended from Genghis Khan?

I was tracing my ancestors on the files put together by my cousin Hamish MacLaren over on the Douglas Family Archives, and amazingly I got as far back as Genghis Khan (see below). Now this would explain the political views of a whole number of my family and relatives, so I promptly informed them that their road rage and similar character traits could actually be genetic. I thought it might help also reinforce my leadership credentials at work if I explained my ancestry, although they seemed more concerned that I might be descended from Elisabeth Bassaraba Princess Of Valachia. Apparently, she’s one of Dracula’s Transylvanian ancestors/relations who used to bathe in the blood of virgins. I assured them that I was actually quite happy with the power shower, now that the plumber had got it working again, and that my ancestry was not going to play a big part in their forthcoming reviews. Anyway, I’m not one to normally let the truth get in the way of a good story, but sadly the Genghis Khan connection now looks even more tenous. Continue reading