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This Page contain the various sources that I’ve found helpful as part of my research. This Page is very much work in progress, so I’ll be adding more sites as and when I get time.

Maclarens, Birtwistles and Many Other Families
My cousin Hamish Maclaren’s genealogical research puts my little blog to shame. He has a GEDCOM file of 50,000 records or more. I’ve been sending him the odd update here and there, and some possible revisions but I stand in his shadow. He has other sites, but this is the one I end up heading back to regularly, starting at my grandmother Mary Murial Marwood‘s entry and working backwards from there.

The Peerage
Daryl Lundy’s “genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the royal families of Europe” is a great resource and I’ve been in contact with him pretty much since I started this blog. What I like about the site, apart from it being free and I have an entry on it (see here), is that I can follow-up various branches of my family tree as well as try and join dots between them.

The Thompsons, Shipbuilders of Sunderland
George H. Graham’s site is pretty much were my research started. He had an entry for my Great Great Great Grandfather George Goldsmith Kirby (GGK) who was the family mystery that started my genealogical adventure. I haven’t actually got much further back than to find out the GGK’s father was a ‘gent’ called George, but George H. Graham has been hugely supportive with my quest.

Clan Maitland
The current Earl, Ian Maitland, was a great help in clarifying my Maitland ancestry. My father had thought that his great grandfather was a baronet and also Governor of Ceylon. My grandfather had been born in Ceylon. His mother was a Maitland and her father was a tea planter there. She was known as ‘Elsie’, but has been christened Alice Marie. This made things difficult as far as working out which branch of the Maitland Clan we were connected to. As it turns out, it was my father’s great great uncle that was the baronet and the former Maitland Governor was an antecedent ancestor. Ian also kindly ran a piece in the Maitland family newsletter when my nephew Sam was awarded his MC, which was not long before he was subsequently killed out on patrol.

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  1. Have you done a DNA test? My husband has McDonald ancestors who had lived at Shanvall in 1841. The father, possibly Alexander McDonald had died before 1841. The only Alexander mcDonald I find listed in the horse tax rolls in the 1790’s was at Garvabeg which is not far from Shanvall. In 1817 Shanvall had been the home of Allan McPherson.

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