blog moving back here

We’ve been wondering what to do with the blog on the family tree collaboration site that my cousin Hamish Maclaren and I co-facilite with other kith and kin. As mentioned there, part of the problem is that we were never able to fully integrated the TNG Family Tree software with the WordPress tool we use for the blog. And that has ended up with us having basically two different looking sites on the same URL.

Aesthetic issues aside, we’ve noticed that Google doesn’t seem to be indexing the family tree database on the site in same way as it appears to do with other sites using the TNG software we know, refer to and have even helped.

At the same time, if you host WordPress on your own server it doesn’t have the all the functionality you get if you host a WordPress blog on their servers. Most notably this has meant that site visitors couldn’t sign-up to notifications like they can do do on here.

The upshot is that we have (re)publishing all the blog posts from site on here, which is why you may have seen a flurry of activity recently.

In addition, we are going to continue the (re)publishing of L. Alan Birtwhistle’s Thirty-One Generations Of The Birtwistle Family book. This will be an ongoing project over the coming months but to kick things off we have (re)published the following sections/chapters on here:

As part of these changes, we have also included a Family Index page. Currently, it only includes an introduction to Justin’s Kirby partnernal ancestors along with summary abouy Hamish and Justin’s maternal Birtwistle ones. But plan is to add more indexes even if it is just a link to where you can find more about each branch.

The Family Index page also includes a guide on how to use the fully searchable family tree database on

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