Blue Plaque for Selina Fitzherbert Fox?

Selina Fitzherbert Fox (1871-1958) in her study, 1900s

Dr Selina Fitzherbert Fox was the cousin of my great grandmother Lucy Fox.  The photo above shows her in her study at Riley Street, Bermondsey, South London. This was the office of the Church Missionary Society’s missionary training school. In 1901, she was appointed medical officer to the CMS where she stayed for two years. And as a result she founded the Bermondsey Medical Mission in 1904 and devoted the rest of her life to the mission.

I mention this because Oliver Woodbridge who works for the External Affairs team at Tideway has been in touch. Tideway are the construction company currently building the new “Super Sewer” under the Thames, upgrading the existing Victorian sewer to clean up our River for the good of the city, it’s wildlife and human population.

The project requires six gargantuan Tunnel Boring Machines to dig these new sewer tunnels underneath London, and in keeping with TBM naming convention, those used on the project are named after female icons.

After a total of 30,000 votes were cast a few years ago, the fifth TBM was named after Dr Selina Fox. She will be deployed early next year to complete the final stages of the Super Sewer.

They are also at the beginnings of a campaign to have Dr Selina Fox’s Bermonsey Medical Mission to be awarded a blue plaque. Having done a great deal of research into her life and her career, Oliver is now in the process of having her nomination officially written up.

Dr Fox has been nominated before a couple of times but has been pipped to the post due to the number of famous people who have lived in Southwark but, also, he believes, as her application perhaps hasn’t adhered to one key selection criteria:

There shall be strong grounds for believing that the subjects are regarded as eminent and distinguished by a majority of members of their own profession or calling.”

With the many hours of research he has done he can personally attest to how difficult it is to find quotes/comments/views of Dr Fox from her peer group/friends or even her family.

Dr Fox was revered by the thousands that she and her Mission treated over the years but Oliver was wondering if anyone might know/have any direct quotes about Selina from her peer group. Even discovering what her MBE was awarded for has been difficult.

He will continue to do his research but if anyone who might have anything useful that he could enclose within Dr Fox’s nomination then please get in touch through comments below.

4 thoughts on “Blue Plaque for Selina Fitzherbert Fox?

    1. Not sure it meets blue plaque criteria. But perhaps if there were reviews from when it was published, they could be submitted. Oliver will know more about that than me though. But quick look on Google books and it seems like her book has a lot of citations.

  1. Hi I might have something that might be of interest to you, I’m a collector of London memorabilia and noticed your interest in Lena fox, I’ve got a lot of her bits she acquired when she lived at the mission care hospital Bermondsey, if you want I can take some pictures and send them to you
    Regards barry

  2. Hi you may have already found this but my father has a 20 page booklet on Selina Fitzherbert Fox 1871-1958 (the title of the booklet). It has some nice photos in and information on her life. He also has a copy of her obituary from a newspaper I think. He also has private papers of hers like her will etc. and is looking to see if there is anything else that might be of interest to Oliver, if he is still looking. I also have an album with a couple of photos of her and her siblings in it, if this is of interest.
    Regards Adam

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