Photos of Walker Ancestors


Kathryn Neville has very kindly sent me some photos from the album of John Vincent Walker of my Walker ancestors. The note attached to the one above says, ‘Mother (Eliza Walker) and Aunt Polly with Great Grandfather and housekeeper at Brownedge’. We think that the Aunt Polly in the photo is my maternal great grandmother Mary Agnes “Polly” Walker of Avenham Towers. Eliza Walker (née Holden) was the wife of Charles Aloysius Walker (Polly’s brother) who lived at Brownedge House, Bamber Bridge, near Preston. We are guessing that the Great Grandfather in the photo is Charles and Polly’s father James Walker of Avenham Tower.


The caption for the photo above says, ‘Auntie Polly and Mother (Eliza Holden–on right)’. Polly died in 1898 when she was 41, and I couldn’t help think that the two women in the photograph looked a little older, and that the photograph and their clothing was more Edwardian than Victorian. Here’s one of the only photographs we have of Polly from when she was younger, and there does seem to be a resemblance, so I could easily be wrong about photo above:


Kathryn also shared the photo below of the gathered Walker family that is dated 1905 and was captioned by VJW “At Brownedge in 1905 when Uncle Leo visited very shortly before Father died.  Father died a very few days after Uncle Leo left.”

On the far left is  Kathryn’s great grandfather Charles A Walker.  She thinks that the woman in middle in black is our shared ancestor Mary Hannah Smith (Charles’ mother) who also died in late 1905. This would tally with the photo beneath kindly sent by Steve Robinson that includes Mary Georgina Walker, Mary Hannah Smith and her mother.

Kathryn thinks that the man on the far right might be the “Uncle Leo” that her ancestor John Vincent Walker refers to, although she say that there is another man with the same hat and moustache.  My cousin Hamish and I think that Leo is Polly’s brother James L. Walker who had a daughter called Marjorie. There’s a rumour that Leo was murdered in Africa.

I think our Marwood ancestors including my grandmother might also be in this photo. Polly Walker married our great grandfather Fred T. Marwood, his family were also Catholics who lived near Preston.

Walker Family 1905
Mary Georgina Walker, Mary Hannah Smith and her mother




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