Rediscovered plans of Osmaston Manor (1850-1873)


Mark Smith at the Derbyshire records office has kindly been in touch about the rediscovered archives of the Osmaston Estate, which includes rent books, tenancy papers, some plans, photographs, and family papers of the Walker family who acquired Osmaston Manor after the death of my ancestor Francis Wright (1806-1873). You can read his post here, and hopefully they’ll be sharing some of the photographs soon as the house was demolished in the 1960s. In the meantime, you can see some of the photos of the interior here and also some photographs of the exterior on Matthew Beckett’s the England’s Lost Country Houses site.


One thought on “Rediscovered plans of Osmaston Manor (1850-1873)

  1. An interesting post.

    If you remember, Hugo has an oil painting of Uncle Francis’s German grandmother (which I rescued and had repaired when Claude and Rosemary went to Spain). It might be nice to put a photo of it on your blog one day; it might be of interest to those distant cousins who got in touch with you about the German connection..

    Lots of love

    xxxx Mum

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