Alexander Maitland Mystery

Wedding of Peter Mitchell and Florence Maitland in Ceylon, about 1916

A descendant of Florence Maitland above has been in touch. She was born in what was then Ceylon. She married Peter Mitchell in about 1916 when she was 21, and she died in July 1948. Peter came to Ceylon from Darjeeling in India where he was born. His father Ignatius had left the UK to work on a tea plantation there. Florence’s father was Alexander, and the family thought he might be my great great uncle Alexander McDonell Maitland. Florence and Peter called their oldest son Alexander, and purchased their own tea estate and renamed it Alickland that still stands today. 

I haven’t seen any records of Alexander McDonell Maitland marrying and he was born in 1878. This would mean that he was only about 17 when Florence was born. This would have been young to have got married/had children even back then, but it’s certainly a possibility. That said Alexander is a common Maitland christian name for boys, just as there’s a few Maitland girls with Florence as a middle name. For example, I found an A. Maitland on the History of Ceylon Tea site who was manager of Bambragalla No. 1 & Midlands from 1887-1888. He would have been a bit older, so is another possibility, but fascinating mystery.


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