First World War sculpture unveiled in Trafalgar Square

live on poppyI went to Trafalgar Square today with my sister Serena. It was a very surreal and moving event as she was unveiling the Every Man Remembered sculpture with the artist Mark Humphrey. She was a Legion beneficiary after her son Sam (my nephew) was killed on patrol in Afghanistan having been awarded the Military Cross (MC).

The unveiling forms part of the Centenary of the conflict which gave birth to the poppy as a symbol of remembrance and hope, and there’s a link because our Great Uncle Norman Birtwistle was also awarded the MC before being killed in action during one of the last cavalry charges in 1918. The Legion’s Every Man Remembered campaign forms part of the charity’s Centenary activity, which asks the public to write a message of commemoration and thanks to the 1,117,077 men and women from the Commonwealth who fell during the First World War at You can see a video of the unveiling with me at Serena’s side while she explains the link between Sam and great uncle Norman.


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