Lt. Col. Horace Augustus Kirby, D.S.0., M.C.


Here’s a little snippet to accompany my WW1 Revisted post. Augustus George Kirby (1847-1926) was my great great great uncle. I found a record for his son Horace Augustus on the Army List July-December 1940 under Lieutenant Colonels. It shows that he was awarded both the Distinguished Service Order and Military Cross. I’m not sure when he was awarded the MC, but he is listed in the London Gazette on 3 June, 1918 as having been awarded the DSO as a Major with in the Royal Garrison Artillery. I found a few other bits like his attendance at a funeral and mention in probate announcement, but nothing much else.

2 thoughts on “Lt. Col. Horace Augustus Kirby, D.S.0., M.C.

  1. Various Keppoch memorablia were in the possession fo the last two Inch ladies, Alice the poet and Josephine, the writer. Doe Mr Kirby have any ideas when they died or their wills? I have an idea that Alice may have died in Brighton during the war?

    1. I think Alice did die in Brighton or Hove. I haven’t seen their wills. But I think I read somewhere like the London Gazette that my father’s great uncle Angus (Charles Marjoribanks) Maitland was an executor. Certainly, his grandchildren have some papers, and I have introduced a genealogist interested in information relating to the McNab ancestors of Josephine and Alice’s mother. But I’m not sure if they have been made available, or what state they are in.

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