Breitmeyer Connection Revisited

De Beers Board 1890

As mentioned in my Breitmeyer Connection post, Frances Geraldine Kirby was the daughter of my great great great uncle Augustus George Kirby. She married (Capt.) Geoffrey Wyndham Breitmeyer, and George Graham has found out some more about them here, including their two children: Anthony G. (born 1925); and Patricia Fiona (born about 1933) who married John Henry Hamilton Stubber (4th Earl of Erne), who had at least one son Charles whose engagement to Miss L. Beckley was announced in the Telegraph last year (he was previously married to Maxine L. Day).

Geoffrey Wyndham Breitmeyer was the son of Ludwig Breitmeyer and Mary Carteretta Valpy who lived at 11, Connaught-Place, London, and Rushton Hall, Kettering. It appears as if Ludwig was originally German and was granted British Nationality in 1914. The 3 sons I have identified all seem to have fought for the British Army in WW1 with Gabriel Charles Alan Breitmeyer being awarded the MC.  I’m pretty certain that Ludwig Breitmeyer is standing on right in the photograph above of the De Beers board from 1890. There’s an record showing that Mary Carteretta Valpy is the daughter of Gabriel Charles Blandy Valpy.

I found a snippet that I think shows that a Lady Jane Fielding (daughter of the Earl of Denbigh) married Gabriel Charles Blandy Valpy (fourth son of the Rev. Francis Valpy). I’m not sure if Lady Jane is Mary Carteretta Valpy’s mother, but I think the Rev. Francis Valpy is the Reverend Francis Edward Jackson Valpy whose father Richard was from the Jersey Family and one of the founders of the public school system.

Think I’ve managed to trace a 2 sons of Ludwig Breitmeyer and Mary Carteretta Valpy, and their maybe some daughters too (Winifred Mary, Maria M. and Alfreda N.?), but I’d need an ancestry subscription to find out more:

  • Lt.-Col. Gabriel Charles Alan Breitmeyer: I found a mention in Western Daily Press Bristol (23 Jun 1925) of a Miss Alfreda May Parsons, daughter the late Major-General Sir Charles Parsons and of Lady Parsons, Onslow Square, marrying the son of Ludwig Breitmeyer, head of the South African diamond firm. There’s also an inscription on a gravestone for “GABRIEL CHARLES ALAN BREITMEYER MC JP Lt Colonel 7th Queens Own Hussars 1892-1962 and his beloved wife ALFREDA MAY 1895-1963 of Ashlands in this parish”.
  • (Louis) Cecil Breitmeyer: There’s an announcement in The Times (15 June 1920) of the marriage of Mr. Cecil Breitmeyer. Second son of Mr. L. Breitmeyer. of 11. Connaught Place. W.. with Clarice, youngest daughter of the late Norman Herbert Smith and Mrs. Herbert Smith, of 107; Ashley Gardens, S.W. There was also an announcement in the Telegraph last year of the death of Hon Mrs June Jane Forham (née Couper Barrie 1928-2013) who first married Brigadier Alan Norman Breitmeyer DL (1924-2006) son of (Louis) Cecil Britmeyer (1894-1942), scion of that gentry family, and Clarice (1900-85) daughter of Norman Herbert-Smith founder of the law firm Herbert Smith.






2 thoughts on “Breitmeyer Connection Revisited

  1. Actually, at there`s an entry for another son of Ludwig Breitmeyer`s, Geoffrey Wyndham Breitmeyer.

    As for Alfreda May Parsons there`s a fascinating and rather story you might not know. Before marrying Gabriel Breitmayer she was engaged to a young man called Angus Patrick Bowes-Lyon. Two weeks after their engagement she wrote him a letter, telling him she did not love him and breaking off the engagement. He was devastated and a few days later he blew his brains out. If you are interested you can find more here

    Incidentally, Bowes-Lyon was a grandson of the 13th Earl of Strathmore and therefore Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon`s (aka the Queen Mother) cousin.

    1. Thanks Portia, and turns out one of my distant cousins is still in touch with descents of Geoffrey Wyndham Breitmeyer. Sad story but interesting connections.

      Best Justin

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