The Akerman Portrait Mystery

My godmother is an Akerman, and her husband was my sister’s godfather. They own portrait of an unknown Akerman, who was the wife of Horace Woodman Kirby. Given my surname, so we’d always wondered whether there was any connection. Sadly, I’m not sure we’ll ever join those dots, but I did find a family tree with the descendants of William Henry Hine Akerman (1816-1882). I pretty certain that the portrait is of Alice Akerman, she was daughter of William Henry Hine Akerman and Julia Catherine Savidge Board. Alice was born on 22 September 1857 in Bridgwater, Somerset, and grew up in Castle House, Queen Street.  In 1880, she married Horace Woodman Kirby, son of Edmund Adolphus Kirby and Emma Fredericke Keating, in Bridgwater.  He was born in 1854.  They lived at Lowood House, Partingale Lane, Mill Hill, London and Horace was an eminent accountant (he later became President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants).  Alice died there in 1891, aged 34.  I’m not sure if they had any children, but Horace did later remarry.

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