My sister Serena at Number 10

London_Poppy_Day_2013 (5)

My sister Serena (far right above) was London Poppy bus on the 7th of November. She went round to various places to promote the poppy appeal. First, it was Kensington Palace where we chatted to Kate and Wills (aka Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), they then got on the bus, were dropped at Ken High Street station and joined the poppy sellers there.

Next was 10 downing street and from there to London Bridge station and then Leadenhall Market for lunch. Barbara Windsor is also in the photo above, and also Al Stewart from ITN (who was at Bristol with Serena), as are the Poppy Girls who released a hit single to launch the appeal.

As the PM was late appearing, Al asked Babs about the infamous bit in the Carry On film when Sid James removed her top with a fishing rod. She then promptly started to mime what happened as she explained that she was wearing very little and was freezing because they always filmed in winter because it was cheaper to hire places. The first take Sid missed and she fell over into a puddle so was now wet and even more cold. His next attempt was only supposed to hook into her top but it actually pulled it off! They were very worried the censor would not pass the film because of it, but his comment as ‘I don’t think Miss Windsor’s left breast will corrupt the nation’.


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