Portrait of Jean McNab with her grandson Duncan Campbell

Portrait of Jean McNab with her grandson Duncan Campbell

Neil Campbell has been in touch. He is the direct descendant of Jean McNab (abt. 1684-1760) and Patrick Ban Campbell, and kindly sent through this portrait of Jean holding her infant grandson Duncan Campbell. Duncan had no children so Neil is descend from his eldest brother, Sir James Campbell 2nd of Inverneill. Jean McNab was the daughter of Alexander MacNab, 9th Laird, 13th Chief and Elizabeth Menzies. It’s not quite clear as yet how Jean might be related to my ancestor John MacNab (1765-1847/8) of Shenaghart in Kintyre, and Sherrobeg in Badendoch, a cadet of the family of Innisewen. But I’ve been in discussion with Lorraine Smith in Canada about a number of possible theories (see my McNab Ancestors Update post).

Interestingly, my ancestor John MacNab of Shenaghart, and later of Sherrabeg, is mentioned in a letter by from Major A H McNab to Clan Macnab Society in 1907 claiming chiefship (see more here).  John McNab, historian of the clan at the time, stated that Major McNab’s claim was a good one.

Chiefship aside Major McNab’s letter explained that he was a descendent of John McNab of ‘Shennagort’ and afterwards of Sherrabeg. The letter also explained that John succeeded his father Duncan,  the eldest son of Alexander McNab who commanded the clan through the Jacobite campaign with the heads of the other McNab branches serving under him, because the McNab chief was in the Royalist (anti-Jacobite) army. 

Major McNab’s letter explains that his ancestor Alexander McNab of ‘Innishchewan’, at the time of the 45, was first cousin to the then Chief (John Macnab, 15th Chief?), and senior cadet of the clan.

What we haven’t found yet is any records that help us join the dots between John MacNab of Shenaghart, and later of Sherrobeg, to his possible father Duncan let alone any ancestry beyond that.

There is an Alexander MacNab of Breadalbane included as Adjutant in the Muster roles of Macdonnell of Keppoch clan in No Quarter Given: The Muster Roll of Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s Army … edited by Christian Aikman. It’s not clear whether this is the same Alexander MacNab of Inneshewan who is recorded as having been pardoned.

There also seems to be conflicting evidence between this Alexander McNab who fought alongside my Keppoch ancestors, and Capt. Alastair (or Alexander) MacNab, 9th of Innishewan who it is also claimed was a captain in Keppoch’s regiment, and fought with skill and courage at the battle of Falkirk. I’m a bit unclear about the discrepancies, but first step for us would be to establish that Duncan was the father of John MacNab of Shenaghart, and later of Sherrobeg, to his possible father Duncan. So far Major McNab’s letter is the best lead we have.







One thought on “Portrait of Jean McNab with her grandson Duncan Campbell

  1. If you have any further details in regards to Sherrabeg Mr. John McNab or two particular residence Donald Mann and Margory McPherson, I would be greatly interested in speaking with you.

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