A short film by Beth Kirby


Earlier this year my 8 year old daughter Beth was learning about Victorian Britain, so I suggested to her that we collaborate on the short film above about her Victorian Ancestors. Beth’s younger brother Max also stars in our film made using the iMovie app on the iPad. The Penguin Cafe Orchestra have very kindly given us permission to use the Music For A Found Harmonium and Bramble May tracks from their Music From The Penguin Cafe – Live At The Royal Albert Hall (2009) album that was recorded to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. We hope you enjoy.

5 thoughts on “A short film by Beth Kirby

  1. Hi Justin, Thank you for all your recent entries on the e-mail………am enjoying their content. What got you going with all of this? cheers, Selinap.s. Loll, said she ran into Piers several years ago, had a good visit.

    Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 17:02:26 +0000 To: leeleebelleandtess@hotmail.com

    1. My dad gave my oldest brother a photograph of our great grandfather and medal that he won for Cambridge University at Henley Regatta in the 1860s or there about. My brother then found record showing that our great grandfather’s brother also went there and that his father was called George Goldsmith Kirby. Trying to find out more about him was what kicked things off, and although I haven’t managed to find out much about his ancestors beyond his father’s name, I have found out a lot about many many others.

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