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russell pedigree

Every new ancestor I discover means there are two more to find. I found my 7 x great grandmother Judith Cowper mentioned in The history of the island of Antigua one of the Leeward Caribbees in the West Indies, from the first settlement in 1635 to the present time (1894) by Vere Langford Oliver. She’s included in the pedigree of the Russell Family:

This post is going to be a bit boringly genealogical, but I will look into these families again in more detail at another time. Page 60 of The history of the island of Antigua… has the Russell Coat of Arms above, and starts with an unknown Russell with the following children (the order is based on left to right on pedigree not a ranking of their age):

  • Lieut.Colonel Randal (or Randolph) Russell, settled in 1637 at St. Kitts under Sir Thomas Warner; Deputy-Governor of Nevis 1668; his death announced 29 June 1678. Married 1st: Frances, 2nd dau. of Edmund Kaynell (Keynell) of Haslebury, CO. Dorset (sic Le Neve) he was living 1677.. had issue (see below); Married 2nd Wife: Margaret (poss. Carpenter)
  • Sir James Russell, Knt., Governor of Nevis 1632—71 ; knighted 10 May 1672; died 15 Nov. 1674,  bur. and M.I. at St. James’s, Bristol; Married: Margaret Hunt, sister of Robert Hunt ; bur. Sep. 1677 at St. Bristol, intestate.
  • Anne Russell: 1st husband: Sir Thomas Warner (Explorer), Knt., Governor of St. Kitts and Lieut. General of the Caribbean Isles; died 10 March 1648. M.I. at the Old Road, St. Kitts2nd Husband: Sir George March, Knt., of Nevis, later of Limehouse.;

I can’t seem to trace the Russell ancestry any further back, despite searching high and low, but judging by this copy of the Stirnet Database Edmund Keynell of Haslebury, Dorset might be a descendent of Christopher Keynell of Dorset and Elizabeth Hervey. It’s hard to tell because the temporary page on Stirnet is unformatted, but Edmund Keynell of Haslebury, Dorset may have been married to Bridget Alpin of Dorset. I think Frances Keynell was their daughter, and possibly sister of Christopher Keynell, Governor of Antigua.

Elizabeth Hervey is the daughter of Henry Hervey of Ewell by Jane, daughter of James ap Thomas of Llanihangle, and sister of William, Lord Hervey. I’ll look at Elizabeth’s ancestry another time.

Lieut.Colonel Randal (or Randolph) Russell and Frances Keynell had the following children:

  • Colonel Sir James Russell, he married on 13 Jan 1675 at Camberwell Penelope Tyrrell (died 3 Dec. 1707), daughter of Sir Timothy Tyrrell of Shotover, Kent.  He held the office of Governor of Nevis, and was heir to his uncle Sir James Russell.
  • Valentine Russell, matriculated Trinity College, Oxford, 4 Nov 1663, aged 15. Secretary of Nevis 1678. Member of Council Antigua 1680. Dead 1713. Married poss. 1677, Mary, daughter of Colonel Philip Warner, Deputy Governor of Antigua.
  • Randall Russell, married Margaret (possibly daughter of Colonel Thomas Hill, Deputy-Governor of St. Kitts)
  • Edmond Russell
  • Anne Russell, mar. 1671, at Nevis, Sir William Stapleton, 1st Bart., Captain-General of the Leeward Islands.

Wikipedia: Sir Timothy Tyrrell (1617–1701), initially of Oakley, Buckinghamshire and later of Shotover, was Master of the Buckhounds to King Charles 1. He was the eldest son of Sir Timothy Tyrrell. He married Elizabeth Ussher, the only daughter of Dr. James Usher, Archbisohp of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, by whom he had four sons and eight daughters. His eldest son was the political theorist and historian James Tyrrell (1642–1718).

Colonel Sir James Russell, Knt. and Penelope Tyrrell had the following children:

  • Elizabeth Russell; living 1687
  • Frances Russell, Married 1st: her first cousin Sir William Stapleton, 2nd Bt. of Nevis; Married 2nd: Walter Hamilton, Captain-General of Leeward Islands.
  • Penelope Russell (my ancestor), married Martin Madan, Esq., of Nevis
  • Frances Russell, mar. Joseph Jory of Nevis, who was a Lieut. 1680, Captain 1683, Colonel 1719; Agent at London 1702. He died at Bethnal Green (? 1725). His son Randolph matriculated from St. John’s College, Oxford, 3 Nov. 1699, at. 16. Adm’on at Oxford 26 Nov. 1702.

Penelope Russell and Martin Madan had the following children:

  • Col. Martin Madan of Hertingfordbury, of Co Herts. MP for Wooton Bassett 1747-1754. Died 1756. Married Judith Cowper.
  • James Russell Madan
  • Richard Madan, married Bridget Maria, only dau. and heir of Hugh Stafford, Esq., of Pynes, and relict of Sir Henry Northcote, Bart., who died 1743.
  • Penelope Madan, married Augustus Schutz, master of the robes and keeper of the privy purse to George II, whose brother Col. John Schutz was groom of the bedchamber to Frederick, Prince of Wales.

I’ve already written about my 7 x great grandmother Judith Cowper, but there’s an entry on the his history of Parliament site for her husband Martin Madan. I’ll look at him in more detail another time.

9 thoughts on “The Russell Family

  1. Hi, Have enjoyed reading your fascinating family history. Do you have any particulars on Walter Hamilton, Captain-General? Im interested on how long he was Captain General. Was it 8/23/1715- to 1722?

  2. Typo above I think – Valentine Russell, matriculated Trinity College, Oxford, 4 Nov 1763, aged 15. Secretary of Nevis 1678. — perhaps ?1673/1663

  3. Thank you for this information. I too am a descendant of Judith Cowper and Martin Madan.

  4. James Russell’s will National Archives’ reference PROB 11/346/426 mentions another sister Mrs Katherine Fenton “living in Ireland”. There is also a reference to Russell being “a native of Ireland” in . I have not yet been able to access a copy of Aucher Warner’s book on Thomas Warner, where there may be a reference to how RR came into his employ on a recommendation. I am researching Thomas Nugent of Montserrat (and he would have known Frances Russell married to Stapleton) who ends up in Chesham Buckinghamshire on a manor of the Duke of Bedford Russells, but there seems to be no obvious Russell family connection to Nevis – just the Bedford Russell Governor of Barbados 1694-96

      1. There was a strong Irish “imperialist” streak in the West Indies see the book “If the Irish Ran the World: Montserrat, 1630-1730”, for example. Good luck with tracing your Irish Russell forebears ! (And please post anything you find)

  5. Cheers… although have stopped doing family history research once I figured out exponential growth. There’s literally millions to find. But fascinating when I was at it.

  6. I have only just tied in Anne Russell as the third wife of Sir Thomas Warner of Antigua, my ancestor. I came across this rather sad piece last night in “Antigua and the Antiguans, Vol II” – “.Petition of Dame Ann March, widow, reciting that she was possest of a well settled plantation in Nevis left to her by her husband Sir Thomas Warner as her only support, which she was prevailed upon to surrender to her son Colonel Philip Warner of Antigua, now deceased, in consideration of £400 a year ; eight years now past and nothing has been paid her. She is now of great age and infirm, and appeals for justice. Endorsed dead 27 June ’92. Nothing done.”
    It doesn’t sound as though she was treated very well. Philip Warner would have been her step-son, son of Sir Thomas’ second marriage.

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