Selina Fitzherbert and other portraits

William the Elder Corden - Selina FitzHerbert    Selina FitzHerbert (1806-1888) by William the Elder Corden
Selina FitzHerbert (1806-1888) by William the Elder Corden

Selina Squarey has been in touch and mentioned that she thought she might have been named after her grandmother Veronica‘s grandmother. Veronica and my grandmother Rosemary were sisters, so I think that makes Selina my second cousin. Veronica and Rosemary were great grandchildren of the industrialist Francis Wright of Osmaston Manor and Selina FitzHerbert. I think the portrait above is of Selina Fitzherbert by William the Elder Corden from around 1817 when she would have been about 11. I’ve included other Fitzherbert family portraits below although it would be good to get some more information on the ones by William the Elder Corden, such as when they were painted, etc.

Sir Henry FitzHerbert, 3rd Bt. was born on 4 August 1783. He was the son of Sir William FitzHerbert, 1st Bt. and Sarah Perrin. He married Agnes Beresford, daughter of Reverend William Beresford, on 27 December 1805. He died on 1 June 1858 at age 74.
He succeeded to the title of 3rd Baronet FitzHerbert, of Tissington Hall, co. Derby on 2 April 1798.

Children of Sir Henry FitzHerbert and Agnes Beresford:

Sir William FitzHerbert (1748-91), gentleman-usher to King George III, by Pompeo Girolamo Batoni
Sir Henry FitzHerbert (1805-1858) by William the Elder Corden
Agnes Beresford (died 1863) by Sir William Beechey
Lady FitzHerbert with one of her youngest children by William the Elder Corden
William FitzHerbert
William FitzHerbert by William the Elder Corden

Probably Sir William Fitzherbert, 4th Bt (1808-1896)

Unknown FitzHerbert
Unknown son from the FitzHerbert family portraits by William the Elder Corden

Most probably (Lt.-Col.) Richard Henry FitzHerbert (1809-1885) if portrait taken around 1817. (Reverend) Alleyne FitzHerbert (1815-1860) and John Knight FitzHerbert (1820-1894) would have been too young, so would Anthony FitzHerbert (1818-1855) and there is a portrait of him below.

David FitzHerbert by William the Elder Corden

I can’t find a record for David Fitzherbert from this branch of the Fitzherbert family.

Maria FitzHerbert by William the Elder Corden

Probably Harriett Maria FitzHerbert (born 1816)

Anthony FitzHerbert by William the Elder Corden

Probably Anthony FitzHerbert (1818-1855)

Judith Fitzherbert by William the Elder Corden

Probably Judith FitzHerbert (born 1821)

Augusta FitzHerbert by William the Elder Corden

Probably Augusta Isabella FitzHerbert (1828-1910)

Maria and Fanny FitzHerbert by William the Elder Corden

Harriett Maria FitzHerbert (b. 1816) and Frances Rafela FitzHerbert (1823-1849)

Mother of Agnes FitzHerbert with one of her grandchildren by William the Elder Corden

According to Camilla von Massenbach Genealogy links site, Agnes FitzHerbert (née Beresford) was daughter of Rev. William Beresford, Rector of Sonning, Berks, and Martha Maria Bland. I’m guessing that this is a portrait of my ancestor Martha Maria Bland. I’ve found a record on Geni that suggest she was born around 1746 and was the daughter of Lieutenant General Humphrey Bland (1686-1763) was a British Army general who commanded the cavalry at the Battle of Culloden. This might not be correct as the Wikipedia entry mentions that he was married to Elizabeth Dalrymple in 1755 and there were no children. So that’s another mystery to solve another day.

6 thoughts on “Selina Fitzherbert and other portraits

  1. That’s really interesting.

    Re SY Norseman The one that Mue and Nebby spent part of their honeymoon on, sailing I think through the Kyles of Bute, definitely belonged to Daddy’s cousin, or maybe second cousin, not quite sure which, Arthur Birtwistle and his wife Ally (Van Leyeden). They were all good friends and the family used to bathe in their indoor swimming pool. Arthur and Ally also had a large house in Wales, called The Plas, which I think was at or near Betys -y -coed. Somewhere here I think there are photographs of their swimming pool and probably of The Plas. Of course this Arthur may have also had the name William but I never heard it used

    You should be able to trace and sort them all out in Billy Birtwistle’s book.

    See you on Thursday!!!

    All love, Mum xxxxx

  2. Thank you Justin, for sending your recent e-mail. What wonderful paintings of the Fitzherberts, how lovely to see Selina Fitzherbert, I am so enjoying everything you are posting……..keep up the good work cheers, Selina

  3. Selina … no worries and I normally end up doing a bit more research when someone gets in touch. There’s probably a book worth of research now.

  4. I have portraits but not yet in appropriate format.

    I was at a big ( 130 ) John Wright ( Osmaston ) Party last month in Sussex.

    My line is Francis Wright Francis Beresford Wright Gilbert Francis Moncrieff Wright and then myself b.26 03 1938.

  5. There is a painting of S.Y. NORSEMAN IN THE BAY OF NAPLES by Antonio de Simone at The Royal Yacht Squadron’s steam yacht Norseman in the Bay of Naples; and Norseman in stormy waters


    Hope all is well


    Hamish Maclaren

    445 Marine Street,

    Boulder, CO 80302, USA

    Tel: 303 444 2889

    1. Mish… Think everyone of the family has a photo of the Norseman. Obviously major part of family history ;-)


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