Bring back Christmas Cheer

My cousin Antony Pritchard has followed his nephew Nick Howard into the music business with the publishing of his Christmas song:

A merry original song for the Christmas season for choir and orchestra or orchestra alone or choir and piano, with words by Anthony Pritchard set to music by Peter Lawson.

How he fits all this in with his busy life as a TV star we will never know! But if any of you have links to Choirs or singers please forward this link to them, and in general please start humming it wherever you go. This song is for life not just for Christmas! To give you a flavour, here’s the the first (of four) verses and choruses:

We think we had better
Write Santa a letter
And tell him that Christmas
Is cancelled this year,
The shops barely close
And as it hardly ever snows,
Rudolph’s cold is better
So there’s no more red nose.
And Prancer and Dancer
Have taken up ballet,
They live by the coast
In a very nice chalet;
They’re really quite neat
And they have very light feet
And watching them plie
Is really a treat!

Oh bring back, Oh bring back,
Oh bring back the spirit of Christmases past
! We hadn’t much money, But the jokes are still funny,
Oh how we so wanted those good times to last!


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