Willy and Aggie DeFreitas

DeFreitasFamilyAgnes De Freitas (née Psailer 1881-1968) aka Aggie was my maternal grandmother’s cousin. Her mother was Mary Georgina Walker who married Luigi Psaila in 1878. Mary Georgina was the sister of my maternal great grandmother Mary Agnes Walker aka Polly. Aggie is sitting on the left next to her husband Guilherme Jose de Freitas aka Willy, in the photograph kindly sent by his great niece Jacqueline De Freitas. The picture was taken in Surbiton in about 1936.  Willie died the following year, and the photograph shows him with only one leg because as Jacqueline explained he had most of his other leg amputated not long before this photo because of cancer. They were staying with his sister Ursula at the time, who had married an Englishman who she met in Trinidad. My mother can remember meeting Willie, although saw much more of Aggie who often stayed with her mother after Willy died. She also knew Willy’s nephews Gerald and Edward De Freitas, and his still in touch with Gerald’s wife Daphne, although mostly through her daughter Diane now.


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