Squarey Photo Collection

Veronica Mary Wright Squarey

My father’s aunt Veronica Mary Wright married Philip Squarey. I think he was joint headmaster of Sunningdale or deputy headmaster. Their 3 children David, June and Simon were my father’s only first cousins. His Kirby uncle and aunt died in WWII, and his other Wright uncle and aunt didn’t have children. I actually had no idea what David, June and Simon looked like. I had met Simon’s wife Iris before she died and her two sons. I’ve also see one of David’s daughters from time to time. She’s married to a son of a family friend, and I’ve met her brother as well. But I think that’s it as far as the Squarey family and their descendents go.

June Squarey’s grandaughter Caroline Hardy has been in touch and  very kindly shared some family photos with me. She also given me some updates on the Wright family tree my brother has been putting together. The photos are labelled based on what was written on the back of them, and none of them are dated so she’s not sure who the children are in the photo “Prim’s Child, Angela’s Child, Philip Squarey, and Angela’s Child” or where or when it was taken. The photo called “Iris Jenson Squarey” was labeled “Our Golden Wedding Party – Taken at Northcombe, Devon”, but she’s not sure whose wedding party it was. It’s a great collection nonetheless, and one that helps puts faces to what are otherwise just names on a tree. Hope you like.

David Squarey and Veronica Mary Wright Squarey
Lucy Adeline Fox, June Veronica Squarey, Simon Squarey, David Squarey, and Veronica Mary Wright Squarey
Veronica Mary Wright Squarey, June Veronica Squarey, and Lucy Adeline Fox
June, David, and Veronica Mary Wright Squarey
Iris Jenson Squarey
June Squarey, Melanie and Virginia Holland
Prim's Child, Angela's Child, Philip Squarey, and Angela's Child
Vanessa, Melanie, Virginia Holland

8 thoughts on “Squarey Photo Collection

  1. Hi Justin, I am David Philip Squarey’s eldest daughter, Selina. I love the old photos of my grandmother. Any chance of copies, please? Iris Jenson Squarey was photographed at Granny Veronica & Grampa Philip’s 50th wedding anniversary. In the photo of the picnic that is not David Squarey beside Simon Squarey, I don’t know who it would be. regards, Selina Veronica Elinor {nee Squarey} Koster

  2. Hi Justin, I’m Natasha Squarey – Iris and Simon’s granddaughter (Philip’s daughter)

    This is so amazing to find. I’d love to start putting together a family tree. These old photos are extraordinary!

    1. Hi Natasha, I’ve met your grandmother Iris. She came round to our flat in London with your grandfather’s uncle, Francis Wright. I also met your father at Francis Wright’s funeral. I can send you a Wright family tree, but it only has later Squarey generations that stop at your father’s generation I think. I can point you in the right direction for older Squarey generations, and you might want to think about using something like Geni.com because it’s free for the first 100 records which is enough to get you started. You can then start connection to others who’ve already uploaded their trees. I’ll try and upload more photos when I get a chance, but just can’t seem to find the time. Best Justin

  3. Hello, I am Zara Squarey – daughter of the deceased Miles Squarey and granddaughter of Iris and Simon. I was wondering if anybody could tell me Iris and Simons birthdays, and Iris’s place of birth. I need these details for my brother (James) and I for our passports. We also have a few old photographs of the Squareys if anybody would like me to send those.

    1. Hi Zara, might be able to find Simon’s birth date and place as he was my dad’s cousin, but not sure I’ll have much luck with Iris. I think she was from Far East originally. I met her once with your great great uncle Francis Wright. Your Squarey cousins might have better idea.



      1. Thank you for willing too find out Simon’s birthday. Unfortunately, I’m slightly limited on Squarey cousins as I only know of Natasha. Are you a relative of Hugo? As you have the same surname, my mum (Christina) has been in contact with Hugo few times.

  4. Zara, I’m Hugo’s younger brother and forwarded your email to him. He has a lot of records from (your great great) Uncle Francis that might include Simon’s birthdate and place of birth. I think Hugo is also in touch with David and June’s offspring, so maybe one of them has info too.

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