Geoffrey Stewart Fleetwood Nash, R.N., DSO

I’m starting to get a better understanding of who’s who in great great Aunt Agnes’ scrapbook. Basically she traveled widely and met a number of people along the way, and she seems to have been to the Alps on a number of occasions probably before WW1. Again she met a whole number of people there too, mostly in Grindelwald Switzerland. Many of the men she met there went on to either distinguish themselves or die in WW1. One of those was Commander Geoffrey Stewart Fleetwood Nash who been mentioned in dispatches and received the Order of St Maurice and St Lazare Cavlier in1917, and the in 1918 DSO for saving men from a torpedoed ship. I can’t really work out who drew the sketch. The initials look like EFF. I’m also not sure which ship has been sketched but Geoffrey was Lt Commander of the destroyer HMS Radiant when he rescued the men from HMS Tornado in Dec 1917. The picture below is of him skiing in Grindelwald in Jan 1910.

It will be interesting to see whether this is picked up by anyone researching his family.

4 thoughts on “Geoffrey Stewart Fleetwood Nash, R.N., DSO

    1. Chenda … great to hear from you and from what I can tell from the scrapbook Agnes also knew a Lorna. M. Nash and I think a Leslie C.F. Nash. It’s hard to make out names from signatures though but there are some photos of them all skiiing around 1910. Do you know what her married name was?



  1. The sketch is probably by Eugene Fleetwood Nash his younger brother. Geoffrey’s sister, Eveleen, was my grandmother! Penny Stevens (nee Hewlett) I am Chenda’s sister!

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