Ernest Shackleton Correspondence

I’m not really sure how my great great aunt Agnes Fox is connected to the explorer Ernest Shackleton. Maybe she was a sponsor, but she has a fair bit of correspondence from him and others on the Nimrod.

We are going to win through. If it had all been easy even the months of getting the money together the game would not be so good to my mind. I just love these Browning Words:”a man should strive to the
“uttermost for his life set prize—
and this work is my life’s work and we most do it—
yours ever sincerely
Ernest Shackleton

A post card from Shackleton to Agnes saying, “I think this is the best shot of the ‘Nimrod’ she is leaving Torquay.”

There’s also a telegram, which I’m guessing is from Shackleton, “To: Miss Fox Kipping Grange Sevenoaks – Nimrod back all well within 100 miles of Pole”. This page also includes a Coleridge quote from W.a. Rupert Michell, S.Y ‘Nimrod’ (probably Dr. William Arthur Rupert Michell – surgeon), which looks like it’s dated April 1st 1908.

The Ice was here, the ice was there,
the ice was all around (Coleridge)


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