More on Fox and Douglas Families

I just found this little snippet on Dr Francis Fox from The history of the county of Derby, Volume 2 by Stephen Glover:

Francis Fox esq during a long and extensive practice in the medical profession obtained a celebrity rarely equalled. He married Miss Douglas sister to the late Mrs Joseph Strutt and has issue by her Francis, Douglas, Archibald, and Charles, and three daughters viz Harriet the wife of Ambrose Moore silk throwster Julia, and Charlotte, Francis Fox jun is a physician philosopher and chemist and by superior talent is rising into considerable eminence. On the retirement of Dr Forester as Physician to the Derbyshire Infirmary he was appointed to that situation. Douglas is an eminent surgeon philosopher chemist and lecturer.This gentleman from his professional skill scientific acquirements and philanthropy has obtained the esteem of all who know him. His gratuitous lectures before the Mechanics Institution have imparted to the rising generation and to the adult much useful knowledge. He has filled the situation of Surgeon to the County Prison some years with universal satisfaction to the magistrates of the County and to the prisoners under his care. He is also one of the Surgeons to the Derbyshire Infirmary and an alderman of the borough. Archibald the third son is also a surgeon and Charles the youngest son is an engineer. The eminent mechanics and engineers of this name have long been an honour to the town of Derby.

Firstly, I now know that his wife was Charlotte Douglas and that her sister married a Joseph Strutt. I now know that only Charles became an engineer, whereas as his 3 brothers all followed their father by being at one time or another doctors/surgeons. I also know that his sister Harriet, was the wife of Ambrose Moore silk throwster. My cousin Hamish seems to have beaten me to this, and he shows Harriet Fox (b: 1806) marrying Ambrose (b: 6 Nov 1788; c: 15 Dec 1788) on 17 Jan1851 in Oxfordshire, Over Worton (see here). He also show Harriet and Ambrose having a daughter, Harriet Ann Moore (b: 27 Jul 1830 in Middlesex; 5 Feb 1913). He shows Harriet Anne marrying a Joseph William Wilson (b: 11 Oct 1829).

He also shows the following Children:

1. Joseph William WILSON b: 22 Nov 1851 in England (Staffordshire, Handsworth)
2. Ambrose John WILSON b: 13 Jan 1853 in England (Worcestershire, Fardley)
3. Edwin WILSON b: 1856 in England (Oxfordshire, Banbury)
4. Harriet Mary WILSON b: 26 May 1857 in England (Oxfordshire, Oxford)
5. Walter Noel WILSON b: 25 Dec 1858 in England (London, Clapham) – Surrey
6. Ruth WILSON b: Q4 1860 1d 438 in England (London, Wandsworth) – Surrey
7. Maurice WILSON b: 19 Jun 1862 in England (London, Wandsworth) – Surrey
8. Basil WILSON b: 1864 1d 448 in England (London, Wandsworth) – Surrey
9. Ernest Moore WILSON b: 1866 in England (London, Wandsworth) – Surrey
10. Edith Amy WILSON b: 1 Nov 1868 in England (London, Wandsworth) – Surrey
11. Norman Octavius WILSON b: 1871 in England (London, Wandsworth) – Surrey
12. John G WILSON

As far as Charlotte Douglas is concerned, he shows her parents as being Archibald Douglas and a Miss Hake. He has the parents of her husband Dr Francis Fox listed as Francis Fox and Dorothy Ward (and cites the following link). Also for the children of Sir Charles Fox and Mary Brookhouse (b: 1809 in Derby) he has dates for Henry Fox (b: ABT 1846) and Mary Isabel Fox (b: ABT 1849). He goes quite a way back with Brookhouse family, which I’ll look at another time.

The Douglas History site has Archibald Douglas being  1726 in Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire, but they don’t list his parents not much else about Miss Hake other than suggesting she was called Mary (see here). They have the marriage listed as being in Honiton on 16 Apr 1765, which I’ve also seen mention in The Gentleman’s Quarterly. They do list the following children though:

1. William Archibald Douglas,   d. 1799, Madeira Island
2. Susannah Douglas
3. Isabella Archibald Douglas,   b. Bef 1793,   d. 1801
4. Charlotte Douglas

It’s Isabella who marries Joseph Strutt (b. 1765,   d. 1844) in 1793 at St. Oswald’s Church, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, and has children. Susannah marries a John Cooper, and has children. There’s a post on RootsWeb suggesting that William Archibald Douglas went missing on Madeira Island along with a fortune in gold dust, and was presumed killed.

William Archibald Douglas appears in the Galton Papers that deal with the Slave Trade in Africa. According to the Douglas History site his father may have had some involvement in the slave trade too, as he was reportedly a privateer. Would be interesting to find out more about this Douglas family connection as I’m also connected through my father’s paternal grandmother Else Maitland via Ramsays and Hamiltons (see more here). More research to be done.


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