Ramsay Gibson Maitland shotgun for sale

I’ve just had a post from Lens in Denmark about the sale at the Lauritz.com Danish auction house of a shotgun last made for Mrs Ramsay Gibson Maitland c. 1887-1895. It’s a lady’s shotgun that single barrelled to keep the weight down. Looks like a very fine piece of craftsmanship from Holland & Holland that’s in immaculate condition. Very much a collectors item though. I’m guessing the Mrs Ramsay Gibson Maitland was Fanny Lucy Fowke White (d. 17 March 1896) who married Sir James Ramsay-Gibson-Maitland Maitland (1848-1897), 4th Bt. Sir James’ was the grandson of my ancestors Alexander Maitland and Susan Ramsay. Sir James and Lucy had two daughters, so neither of them would have been a Mrs Ramsay Gibson Maitland. Sybile died in 1873 and Mary married Arthur Herbert Drummond Steel who later became Sir Arthur Herbert Drummond Ramsay Steel-Maitland, 1st Baronet. Sir James was succeeded by his cousin and my great great great uncle Sir John Nisbet Maitland, 5th Bt.

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