A poem for Sam and Claire on their wedding day

A poem written and read by my mother Angela at the wedding of my nephew Sam to Claire in 2009. He was awarded the MC the following year and they had a baby boy together called Leo. Earlier this year he was tragically killed in Afghanistan. I have lots of other material to add about Sam, including his entry in the Clan Maitland year book. In the meantime, you can read the poem his mother and my sister Serena wrote and read at his funeral here.

November, it’s the tail-end of the year,
the gloomiest month, when dawn comes late
and dusk falls early – but for Claire and Sam, here
now is a golden day and this room is full
of light and flowers and music, where
with love and joy, we come to witness
their marriage vows.  So raise a cheer,
drink up, hold glasses high, wish them luck
and happiness, ring all the bells in Devonshire,
command the birds to sing out loud and clear, tell
the bold booty-boys to down their beer
and celebrate this glorious wedding day. Let’s
hear it for brave Sam and for even-braver Claire.

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