Ay-up family newsletter

Failed Ay-up Family Newsletter Cover

As mentioned in my Family newsletter fails post, I did try and create a family newsletter earlier this year. The recurring question from relatives was “Why a newsletter?” Funnily enough I did ask myself the same question at 3am one morning while trying to put a draft together using Microsoft Word.

In short, I thought it would be a nice way to share the research into our family history that cousin Hamish (MacLaren) and I have been working on. It may also act as an historical record for anyone in future that wants to look into our family history. Whether anyone else will be interested remains to be seen.

I also hoped the newsletter might be a way of keeping in touch with all the other members of the family of James Astley Birtwistle and Mary Muriel Marwood (my maternal grandparents). Of their 8 children, there are two surviving, my mother and her brother. There’s also two surviving sister-in-laws, and an ex-husband and wife, in generation 2. In the next generation there are 26 of us still surviving, including myself. I think all but 8 have had children. I have lost count of how many there are in total now, but I know that my siblings and I have 10 children between us. There were 11 until my nephew was killed in Afghanistan. He has a son and the daughter of one of my cousins has also had a daughter. So that’s now generation 5.

Not sure my ‘lysdexia’ (why did they make that such a hard word to spell) made me the best placed to be putting the newsletter together, but I was hoping that it wouldn’t be totally unintelligible.

The Ay Up (Eh Oop) name was chosen because it seemed appropriate given my mother’s Northern roots. I’d also noticed that my distant Osmaston (Wright) cousins had a newsletter called Hoi Kai, which means ‘who goes there’ and was used by their family in India.

Anyway, to cut a log story short I didn’t get a huge response from the majority of my cousins so wasn’t sure what to do with the content. In the end I thought I’d add it to this blog in a new section along with any other news from the family grapevine.


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