More on the Drapers

Further to my Second Lieutenant Mark Denman Draper, R.F.C. and Joining the dots on The Peerage: Drapers and Wrights posts. Robert Armstrong has been in touch to explain that Mark Denman Draper was the son of Robert’s grandfather the Revd. W. H. Draper by his first marriage, to the Charlotte Edith Denman, daughter of Rt. Hon. George (Justice) Denman and Charlotte Hope, not by Emily Augusta Wright whose eldest son was Roger Francis Draper. Charlotte died in childbirth when Mark was born, when the Rev. W.H. Draper was Rector of Alfreton in Derbyshire.  She and Mark are both buried at Alfreton. Mark never married.

Looks likes Reverend W. H. Draper and Reverend William Henry Draper on The Peerage site are the same person. According to Robert his grandfather William and Charlotte met and fell in love while he was still at university.  Mr. Justice Denman did not approve: he thought that William an impecunious future clergyman, was not a good enough match for his daughter. She was forbidden to see him or correspond with him.  But they managed to arrange a meeting, almost by accident, on Preston railway station, and eventually her father relented and allowed her to marry him.  Robert has an autobiographical account of their relationship.   He evidently loved her very deeply.

Robert also has the notes for the sermon which William preached in his church at Adel the Sunday after he received the news of Roger’s death in Gallipoli.  William lost three of his four sons in WWI. Having lost my nephew recently in Afghanistan and seen both my sister and her ex-husband give eulogies at his funeral then I can’t help agree with Robert about how the sermon must have been an extraordinary blend of pride and grief.

William married for the third time in 1921.  His third wife, much younger than himself, was a Miss Sylvia Richards, who long outlived him. They had one son, Martin Richard (or Robert), b.1923, who became the Secretary of the General Medical Council and was awarded a CBE.  Martin was married, and had four children. He died about ten years ago.

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