Second Lieutenant Mark Denman Draper, R.F.C.

One of the Drapers not mentioned on the Wright family tree my brother has been putting together (see Joining the dots on The Peerage: Drapers and Wrights), is Mark Denman Draper. He is the son of the Rev. Willim H Draper and Emilie Augusta Wright. I found the following announcement of his death in Flight magazine archive, February 15, 1917:

MARK DENMAN DRAPER, R.F.C., killed while flying on February 7th, aged 32, was the eldest son of the Rev. William Henry Draper, rector of Adel, near Leeds, and grandson of the late Justice Denman. He was educated at Repton School, and took up the dramatic profession, in which he had begun to make his way. In 1915 he joined theAartists Rifles, and only recently obtained a commission in the R.F.C. His brother, Captain R. F. Draper, York and Lancaster Regiment, was killed at Suvla Bay in August, 1915.


2 thoughts on “Second Lieutenant Mark Denman Draper, R.F.C.

  1. Living near Alfreton, Derbyshire we came across the graves of Mark Denman DRAPER and his mother Charlotte Edith DRAPER (nee DENMAN). My husband’s interest in Military History led me to further research and I have found the life of Rev William Henry DRAPER very moving.

    A photograph of his second wedding to Emilie Augusta Fitzherbert WRIGHT is held at the Derbyshire Record Office in Matlock, Derbyshire and other WRIGHT family photographs are also there.

    The DRAPER family lived in Shrewsbury and later Adel, Yorkshire where Emilie is buried.

    I have photographs of the graves if they might be of interest.

    Rev. William Henry DRAPER was later Master of Temple Church, London.

    1. Barbara … many thanks for the comment. Interestingly, Robert Armstrong the former Secretary of the Cabinet is a descendent of Rev. William Henry DRAPER. Would be interesting to see the photographs of the family if I get up to Derbyshire, but don’t worry about one of graves. I’ve sadly seen one too many in the last year. Best and cheers Justin

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