Joining the dots on The Peerage: Drapers and Wrights

Robert Armstrong, the former secretary to the cabinet, has been in touch and mentioned that his grandmother Emily/Emilie Augusta Wright was the daughter of my ancestors FitzHerbert Wright and Charlotte Rudolphine Louise von Beckman. Emily/Emilie married Reverend W. H. Draper circa 1884. I mentioned this to Darryl at The Peerage, who has linked the two families, and now has the following listed as the children of FitzHerbert Wright and Charlotte Rudolphine Louise von Beckman:

  1. Ursula Mary Wright+
  2. Emily Augusta Wright+1 d. 1914
  3. Captain Henry FitzHerbert Wright+1 b. 1870, d. 1947
  4. Ernest FitzHerbert Wright+1 b. 28 Feb 1875, d. 19 Oct 1942

I noticed on the Wright family tree my brother has put together that there are other siblings, including  Louisa Adelina WRIGHT (b. 16/09/1868); Judith Frances WRIGHT (b. 17/01/1873) who married Godfrey Acheson Thornhagh FOLJAMBE (b. 21/10/1869 – d. 16/03/1942), son of Hon Francis S. F.;  and Evelyn Francis Fitz-Herbert WRIGHT JP DL (b. 20/11/1882 d. 17/02/1944) who married Joyce Mary BATEMAN (b. 20/10/1889),  dau of Frederick Osborne Fitzherbert BATEMAN.

The Peerage has Osborne Robert Sacheverell Bateman listed and he seems to be the son of Frederick Osborne Fitzherbert BATEMAN, from what I found out below in Arthur Charles Fox Davies’ Armorial Families: a directory of gentlemen of coat armour:

FREDERIC OSBORNE FITZHERBERT BATEMAN, Esquire, J. P. co. Derby. Bom Nov. 12, 1859.  being the only child of the late Thomas Osborne Bateman,  Esc]., J. P., D. L. , of Hartington Hall, by his wife Fanny  Hanham, dau. of William Lawrence Bicknell. Club — Windham. Armorial bearings — Or, three crescents, and  issuant from each an estoile of six points gules, a canton  azure. Mantling gules and or. Crest — On a wreath of  the colours, a crescent and estoile as in the arms, between  two eagles’ wings or. Motto — “Sidus adsit amicum,”  Married, 1886, Evelyn Mary, dau. of Major Wilkinson of Scarborough ; and has, with other /ssue — Osborne R.  Sacheverell Bateman, Gentleman, born 1887. Seats—  Hartington Hall and Breadsall Mount, Derbyshire.

The Peerage also have Godfrey Acheson Thornhalgh Foljambe listed. He married Judith Francis Wright mentioned above, although they don’t show this marriage.

From what I can make out Godfrey is son of Captain Francis John Savile Foljambe (see here). What’s interesting is that the site I’ve found has Captain Francis John Savile Foljambe listed as the son of George Savile Foljambe and Harriet Emily Mary Milner. It has George as dying on 8 December 1869 and living in Osberton, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England.

The Peerage also has a George Savile Foljambe listed as dying on 18 December 1869 and living in Osberton, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, but show him being married to Lady Selina Charlotte Jenkinson. From what I can see from Genealogy Links, George must have married twice.

Anyway, I’m descended from Ernest FitzHerbert Wright who married his cousin Lucy Adeline Fox. Lucy’s mother was Mary Wright, who was the sister of FitzHerbert Wright. Her father was Sir Charles Douglas Fox (see wiki). His brother was Sir Francis Fox, who married Selina Wright. Selina was the sister of Mary and FitzHerbert Wright.

As shown above, I found Robert Armstrong and his Draper ancestors listed on the Wright Family tree, and I think these details come from the tree compiled by Basil Wright in 1946. I also have the scrap book of Lucy Fox’s sister Agnes Selina and I found the annoucement of Robert’s uncle (Capt. Roger Francis
DRAPER) death included in a Roll Of Honour she was keeping. There maybe more references to his family and if I find them I’ll add them along with other items from ‘Aunt’ Agnes’ scrapbook.


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