Thought of the week

My cousin Simon MacLaren, who is now a fair bit older than the he was in the photograph above, will be reciting his poetry as part of the Edinburgh Festival. He thought he had better write something topical, so came up with the following:

My name is Rupert Murdoch
I’m the ruler of the world
So I have to check the mobile phones
of little murdered girls

all party leaders worship me
I have them by their throats
they know I can deliver them
10 million readers’ votes

I’m in favour of good causes
I bathe in their good light
and I only check war widows phones
to see if they’re alright

I’ve sacked two hundred minions
that bit was rather fun
it’s just advanced the planning
of the launch of Sunday Sun

but I can’t sack dear Rebekah
who everybody blames
I need a bullet catcher
for my darling little James

my name is Rupert Murdoch
the most powerful man on earth
you’d better hand me BSkyB
at half of what it’s worth.

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