Down Among the Silverfish

You can hear my mother (Angela Kirby) reading her Down Among the Silverfish poem on the Artemis Poetry Magazine site here or read it below.

Right down there,
faces pressed to the floor,
we embraced and set up house
together, became familiar
with the geography of concrete,
its cracks and fissures,
the cement’s crumbling shore,
those archipelagos of tear stains,
the midnight journeyings
of snail, slug and woodlouse,
the rustling of nameless beetles –
we shared the rasping exequies
of frogs and nightjars,
lay dreamless, sleepless
in each other’s arms
throughout the owl-time
and all the ticking
death-watch hours –
there was no choice for us,
we knew our place,
that we deserved to lie,
night after night, down
among the silverfish, that
we were made for each other,
Grief and I.


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