The naughtiest angel in heaven

Marine Samuel Alexander MC

Further to my recent posts about the death of my nephew in Afghanistan I have included a poem my sister Serena put together about her son Sam after his repatriation ceremony at Wootton Bassett (see A silent tribute, then a burst of applause as Marines repatriated):

The naughtiest angel in heaven

Whispered in my ear

‘Be brave mum!’

We stood in the sunlight, in the grey

As the winged warrior

Brought our boys home

They brought him back, still bleeding,

The bravest of the brave

‘Be brave, Mum!’

My laughing boy, your best friend,

Your greatest mate, your rock, your star,

Your Dad, your brother, our hero

Our hearts bleed but yours, Sam, I know bleeds too

For those that knew you, loved you, drank with you,

fought with you and died with you.

One of the bravest of the brave, who died for you,

Still whispers in my ear

‘Mum-you be brave too!’

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