John Hoppner portrait of Elizabeth Beresford

Elizabeth Beresford 1762-1833

Charles Wright has been in touch to let me know that this portrait above by John Hoppner (1758 – 1810) is of my ancestor Elizabeth Beresford. He also mentioned that Hoppner painted four daughters of Francis Marcus Beresford of Ashbourne: Elizabeth, Frances, Judith and Selina. Of all FMB’s children (about 12) only Elizabeth (married to John Wright) and Selina (married to the Revd Samuel Martin) had any descendants.


15 thoughts on “John Hoppner portrait of Elizabeth Beresford

  1. This doesn’t quite fit with my research. I am having trouble matching FMB with the four daughters mentioned. My understanding is that FMB had only one marriage (to Fannie Reynolds) and had only one child, Elizabeth, who did indeed marry John Wright.

    1. Nick … thanks for comment and I don’t have any more information than you. The information about Elizabeth’s sister came from Charles Wright. Not sure of his source.

  2. Hi there,

    I traced the family history of my dearest friend Philippa Wright and can confirm the following information regarding John and Elizabeth:

    John WRIGHT
    (07 Aug 1758 – 21 Apr 1840)
    Born: Nottingham
    Lived: Osmaston Manor
    Died: Lenton, Nottinghamshire
    Married: Elizabeth Beresford
    Occupation: Wright Bank, High Sheriff Nottinghamshire 1796; of Lenton Hall and Langar, both Notts, and Butterley Park, Derbyshire.

    John married Elizabeth Beresford (daughter of Francis Marcus Beresford and Fanny Reynolds, on 2 Apr 1791.)
    (Elizabeth Beresford was born in 1762 and died on 17 Apr 1833 in Lenton Hall, Nottinghamshire.)

    Reg. : Francis Marcus Beresford

    Birth: 4 Apr 1737, Fenny Bentley, Ashbourne, England
    Death: 18 Nov 1801, Ashbourne, England
    Family Info
    Father: John Beresford (1687-1755)
    Mother: Frances FitzHerbert (1693-1765)
    Spouse: Fanny Reynolds (1740-1815)
    Married: 1761
    Elizabeth (1762-1833)
    Frances (1763-1780)
    Mary (1765-1788)
    John (1766-1834)
    Judith (1768-1840)
    Francis (1770-1785)
    Anne (1771-1784)
    Edward (1772-1773)
    Benjamin (1774-1778)
    Selina (1775-1847)
    Marcus (1777-1797)
    Charles (1780-1780)

  3. Hello to Juzzie, Nick Wilson and Tanja. My name is Chris Bartlett, my aunt Barbara (father’s sister) married Arthur Beresford-Wright in 1939. Uncle “Artie” was from Wootton. I never got there, but heard so much about it, that I seem to know so much about the house! I remember in detail to this day many frequent visits to their home [Ickwell Grange, Beds] and just looking in huge admiration at the portrait of Elizabeth Beresford (I don’t know, of course, whether an original or print) hanging over a magnificent fireplace in their dining room. In a lobby were three smaller pictures of Frances, Judith and Selina. I know Selina was the only other sister to marry (I think to the rector of Warsop). My aunt Barbara (Babs) ended up up living in Altea, Spain where I last saw her in 2007. She died (aged 94) in 2009. The big picture of Elizabeth, and the three smaller pictures of Frances, Judith and Selina; were all there in her apartment. Artie & Babs had one daughter (Caroline), who undoubtley has these pictures now. She married a Spaniard; out of their three kids Victoria now lives in Edinburgh. On the other side of the family (common grand-parents) comes the Eungblut & Eungblut firm of piano makers in London, going back to 1836. As for me, now at the age of 66 (coming on 11), I’m watching this “heritage” with the eyes of a Harris Hawk!
    OK – there’s perhaps another reason, I live in the peak district of Derbyshire and have been (hobby) studying the industrial developments of the area for more years than I can remember. Benjamin Outram, William Jessop, Francis Beresford & John Wright are names that keep cropping up. A canal they built for the great Richard Arkwright (in my eyes the “inventor” of the industrial revolution), The Butterley Company (the ironwork of the roof of St. Pancras station) – there’s tons & tons more – I shall not bore further on this!
    Artie was born in 1910, and was “in the middle”. I believe he was one of ten. I know he had a brother Gilbert who lost his life in WW2. He had a sister Bridget whom Babs was great friends with.
    Any help would be much priech.

  4. Hi Juzzie. Yep I’m trying to fill in the gap between my uncle and John + Elizabeth. Not sure how many geneartions there would be. Artie + Babs lived at Aldercar Hall until it was acquired by the Coal Board about 1949 – 50.
    Regards, Chris.

    1. I found a Arthur Beresford Wright, Gentleman, b. 1910. He was son of Arthur FitzHerbert Wright, Esq., J.P. co. Derby, B.A. (Camb.), b. 1865 who married 1900, Hon. Daisy Isabel, eld. d. of the 3rd Baron Moncrief. They had issue:

      (1) Gilbert Francis Moncrieff Wright, Gentleman, b. 1905
      (2) Ronald Fitz Herbert Wright, Gentleman, b. 1907
      (3) Arthur Beresford Wright, Gentleman, b. 1910
      (4) Robert Hepburn Wright, Gentleman, b. 1913
      (5) Geoffrey Nicholas Wright, Gentleman, b. 1014

      Following may also be siblings but bit hard to tell from format:

      Adeline Nora [m. , Frederick Grieve Lawrie]
      Hilda Florence
      Ida Elizabeth
      Judith Selina.

      Seats — Wootton Court, co. Warwick ; Aldercar Hall, co. Derby.–a-directory-of-gentlemen-of-coat-armour-volume-2-dxo/page-272-armorial-families–a-directory-of-gentlemen-of-coat-armour-volume-2-dxo.shtml

      There’s a photo of Arthur Fitzherbert Wright at Wootton Court here:

      I think Arthur FitzHerbert Wright may be son of Francis Beresford Wright who married Adeline Francis Henrietta FitzHerbert, daughter of Lt.-Col. Richard Henry FitzHerbert and Ellen Margaret Hepburn, on 20 June 1862.

      Francis Beresford Wright was the son of Francis Wright and Selina FitzHerbert.2 He lived at Wootton Court, Warwickshire, England.1 He held the office of Justice of the Peace (J.P.).

      Francis Wright was the son of John Wright who married Elizabeth Beresford, daughter of Francis Marcus Beresford and Fanny Reynolds.

      So is that 4 generations?

  5. I note that the last comment on this thread was a year ago, but have just come across it. I am a member of Leek Wootton History Group, where Wootton Court stands (now converted to flats and renamed The Hayes) and we have recently published the wartime diary of Doreen Wright (wife of Gilbert) and in the process of publication have done a lot of research with the help of members of their family.

    We have a page on our website about the former Wootton Court:

    And also websites about Doreen’s Diary at /

    Juzzie’s post above is correct – Arthur Fitzherbert WRIGHT and Daisy Isobel MONCREIFF had 9 children; Adeline Nora (known as Nora), Gilbert , Ronnie, Hilda (who was married to ‘Bardie’ MAHLER a Director at Alfred Herberts in Coventry), Artie, Robert (never married), Geoffrey, Ida (married Bardie’s cousin, but he died a year later) and Judy (never married). All 9 have now died.

    Artie did have a niece called Bridget, but not a sister.

    I hope this information is of interest and would love to hear from anyone connected to the Wright family (via our website), as having been so closely involved with the diary for so long, we feel very close to Gilbert and Doreen’s families and would love to hear more about them.

    1. Leslie … many thanks for the comments and links. I’m in last few weeks of my MSc, so will check out your work in more detail once its over.

      Best and cheers


    1. Hi Carolina … thanks for getting in touch and would be interesting for visitors to know the tree back to Francis Wright of Osmaston Manor. My great uncle France (Fitzherbert) Wright left all the Wright Family Tree stuff to my older brother Hugo. I think most of the tree were compiled by Basil Wright before the war.

      Best and cheers


  6. Hi, I live at Butterley Park House near Ripley. I am trying to find out the history of the house and know that it was owned before us by the Butterley Company. The land at Butterley Park was owned by Francis Beresford of Osmaston and was acquired by the Wright family when John Wright married Elizabeth Beresford, and thence passed into the ownership of the Butterley Company. We have lived in the area for over 50 years, so know a lot about the history of Butterley, but I cannot find any references to Butterley Park House. If anyone has any information about the history of Butterley Park I would be grateful to hear from them.

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